Thursday, October 29

Treat Street

You probably saw this post on Poppytalk, but could not help reposting the picture here since we all used to live right by Treat Street in Tucson! Wish we were hanging out in our old backyard by Treat Street today....

To walk you down memory lane - here is our old answering machine song
sing to "Wake me up before you go-go" by Wham

We are not home right now

But just leave a message anyhow
Even though we may be here,

We are probably out back...drinking a beer.

We're to lazy to pick up the phone

So leave a message after the tone.

Sonchia, Cathy, Rebecca, and VA

Come over soon we want to Play!

Don't hang up, before the beep,

Because we'll track you down on Caller ID.

Don't hang up, before the beep,

Because we'll track you down on Caller ID.

Wednesday, October 28

The Calm After The Storm...

I won't even begin to go into the crazy morning I have just had, but needless to say I am happy to be back home safe & sound. After taking a deep breath - I decided a little blog reading would calm my nerves and make me happy again. Something about decor8 is totally jiving with me this morning. This blog is on my daily "must visit" list, but today everything here is speaking to me more so than usual. Don't you just love the image above. Sigh.

[image: Nikki Jones]

Tuesday, October 27

Political Shrine Design Style

In honor of my mom's visit to Tucson last weekend, I would like to highlight her interior decorating skills. I love that my parents house is a shrine to all things they love. They have long been political activists and collected buttons over many elections.

My dad gave my mom a Christmas gift with all the buttons from past campaigns they had worked on and presidential candidates they have supported.

With the election of President Obama - they have had many new additions - and I swear - the amount of paraphernalia could take over a whole room.

Away We Go...

Ok - well, not anywhere - I have a couple of specific spots in mind. As much as I love Telluride, one needs to escape once in awhile to truly appreciate how lucky we are to live in such an amazing location. Besides the trip to Arizona in March (where I got to see you girls!) I have not left the state - heck, even the region - since last year. To say I am going a bit nutty is an understatement! I am currently sitting in coffee shop in Ouray, CO (about an hour from Telluride) as I am visiting all of the regional schools this week to meet with students for the Pinhead Internship Program. I am watching the snow fall, finishing up a couple of grants between school visits, and dreaming of my pending vacation.

We leave Thursday for Salt Lake City, UT - as Justin has a Mountainfilm on Tour show to host & this will be the "major airport" we will be flying in and out of.

We then head to Savannah, GA for a few days to visit our former hometown & to visit with some old friends. I cannot WAIT to share posts from Savannah with you all.

Then we head to Watercolor, FL where Justin has another tour show & I get to enjoy some beach time.

Then it is off to Boston, MA where I get to visit lots of friends & meet with some collegues at Boston University for a little Pinhead development work.

I absolutely cannot wait for this trip - have I said that already?!? So - my question to you - where should I absolutely not miss in this cities? I have linked to some ideas from one of my favorite blogs - Design*Sponge - but if you were in any of these locations...where would YOU go?

Of course - I will be sharing all of my finds here while I am gone. Fun posts pending...check in often over the next couple of weeks!

Monday, October 26

I like....

[Blue Bicycle - 1979]

My grandmother has been sending me cards with the works of Will Barnet. I like!

[Seventh Season - 1975]

[Silent Season - Spring 1971]

A Peek in to my Weekend...

Our sewing weekend was wonderful. I am completely depressed that it is over. Good food and drinks were consumed. Great conversations with old friends. Some sewing, knitting and idea sharing was done. I was bad about taking photos. Here are a few!
Knitting lessons
Brooke cutting out a pattern
Nona and Cheri on the sewing machine
Barrie and Lady Creamsicle asleep in the morning

Sunday, October 25

Peek into my weekend...

It all started on Friday.....we had a bottle of champagne at the park, and then I went and got a mani/pedi. From there, I brought home Chinese Food....then we watched, "The Proposal" Ryan Reynolds is hot. That is the only reason I watched it.

Saturday began with Coffee and Home Shows. Then off to the beach for a walk and some fun...we went further than we usually go. All the way to "Let's be Frank" delish..

Then we went for an ice cream, home for a rest, and to do some laundry...and then out for Indian.

Sunday was a baby shower at 11, and the news that another friend is moving down south (as in SoCal)!!! Then back to the park with Busy, and on a urban hike to the Candy Store for some "Fall Mix". Finally, home for Guac/Chips and Enchiladas....AND I planned ahead and made a quick lentil soup for lunches...yum (if it is really good I will post recipe).

I found myself telling my mom that I didn't really do much this weekend...but really it was quite "full" :) xo

I made this too...

The corn pudding in a squash.... I didn't have all the right ingredients, so here is what I did:

1 egg
1 egg white
1/4 cup of half and half
1/4 cup of stock
1/2 cup of corn (I used a frozen "roasted" corn)
2 scallions
Diced Orange and Red peppers (I had left overs of both)
Shredded Cheese
Hot Sauce (Texas Pete is the brand of choice here)

Rub the squash with olive oil and season with s/p. Cover with foil and bake in the oven for 40 min. I think it was on 375.
Mix together the veggies and eggs, cream, stock. Season with S/P, and a dash of hot sauce. Then I put in some cheese... a generous pinch.

Remove the squash from oven, and carefully pour in the "pudding" Like the original recipe, you will have extra depending on the size of your squash cavities, so make sure you get all the veggies in there.

Return to oven and bake for about 40 minutes more. I could tell mine was done when the pudding didn't jiggle. Take out of oven, sprinkle with more cheese and let cool before you eat it!

SO GOOD. Even Keith liked it, and lately he has "a vegetable allergy"

And he's back...

So, Justin returned home today after being gone for about 3 weeks with Mountainfilm on Tour. He will leave again in a couple of days for more work trips, but this time I get to tag along (yippee!). Anyway, part of our "deal" with him traveling so much is that he must return with "goodies" for me. I am like a little kid when he gets home & opens up his suitcase. Here are my recent treats...

Though technically a kids book - I cannot wait to read through this!

A new fun frame for our piano? Ha.

And my initials in old typewriter keys. What should I do with these?
Ideas please. I was thinking of making magnets? I would love your thoughts.

Weekend Project: Done & Done

Yep - I finally tackled the infamous stamp project. Pretty simple, a little messy. Spray glue & me are not a good combination. Anyway, a great Sunday afternoon project to attempt on a snowy day. To see how this should be done, visit here.

Gathering my gear..
(Thanks Becca for the stamp pads - couldn't have done it without you!)

Messy (& super sticky) gluey rubber band on the drum

The final product - not pretty, but it will do

I need to perfect my technique - but project completed! Yesss!

A Peak Into My Weekend/Winter Wonderland

I know it is only Sunday afternoon - but, this is what I have been dealing with this weekend. It is not even Halloween. Sigh. At least I leave for a little beach action next week.

Snow capped trees outside our front door

Madison still hunting for mice in the snow - not deep enough to kick this habit yet

Footprints in the snow

Friday, October 23

This weekend (again)...

I am seeing this. It is only in Telluride for one day. I cannot wait!
Have you girls seen it yet? Thoughts? Learn more here.

This weekend...

Do something risky (& fun).

[image: FFFFound!]

Thursday, October 22

A Little Bit of Heaven

I know I am going to get in trouble saying this - but I do not like chocolate. Sorry. It does absolutely nothing for me. Dark, Milk, White - it is all the same to me. I don't ever think about eating the stuff - like ever. Now salt - I could eat salty things all. day. long.

So, my friend Peiper recently returned from Seattle (where she once lived) with a little box of chocolates. She insisted I try one, fully understanding my apathy towards the stuff. When I opened the box and saw salt - I was hooked. Now, I am not going to down more than one piece in a blue moon, but if I was going to gorge myself - this is the stuff. The salt on top of these caramels make these the most wonderful chocolates I have ever eaten.

If you are ever in Seattle, pick up a box of Fran's Chocolates. Heck - even go online and have them ship you a box. Take it from someone who really isn't into chocolate - you will absolutely love the stuff.

Gift Giving

I ran across this site today & thought this would be great to share with you both - particularly since the holidays are fast approaching (yikes). The Givers Log is a site that offers delightable gift ideas, gift etiquette, and stories of gracious gestures. I love the philosophy of this site that the best life is a shared life. Enjoy!


For this sort of headboard - particularly since we are headboardless (this is a word, right?). I am going to ask our local coffee shops to see if I can't buy some of their burlap coffee bags. I am so digging this look. I also have a mild obsession with burlap. I will let you know what I pull together.

photo by Michael Graydon - via Poppytalk]

Wednesday, October 21

5 things to think about with me...

1) Compost. I will now have to comply with the law (secretly I am SO HAPPY, as KP has previously said, "I don't want a stink pot up in this shoe box!") I am not going to use the free bin as we do live in such a small spot, I need it to be aesthetically pleasing. The guy below is nice…and there are some other options here.

2) Baggu…I think I am going to get a new set as I can’t find my blue one and I want to really keep one in my handbag. I still haven’t ordered the sandwich wraps as I really don’t eat a lot of sandwiches…I am a left over/hot lunch or a salad kind of gal…hmmmmm

3) Boots…do I have to explain why I am thinking of these? I just got new tights (don’t judge!))

4) J.Crew Sale…Nothing I want is on sale, and I am really frustrated!

5) Holiday Decor….these are from a store here near work…and I stare at them. I basically think about Holiday Decor year-round. It is a major issue both personally and professionally.

Last Thought: Can you compost a pumpkin after you glitter it?

Listen Up

It is snowing out & I am writing grants all day - until I have to run to the Telluride High School to present to the junior class later today. Anyway, I downloaded this album last night. Girlie music & grants - as good as a snowy Wednesday can get.


Wood Toys (Take 2)

Like Becca - I absolutely love wood toys. I have a huge issue with all of the plastic crap out there & hope that when I have kids that we will not have any plastic toys in our house. That is the goal anyway.

So, truth be told, I have already made my first wood toy purchase - despite not having kids. It is a little pathetic, I know. I just couldn't resist the Balancing Cactus from Plan Toys. It is just too cute & reminds me of Tucson. It sits in our guest room & I have to say, our guests love playing with it. At first, they think it is strange, but every single person has created their own cactus design. Who needs all of the lights, noises, and such? Sometimes it is the simple toys that stimulate our imaginations more - for kids of all ages!


Today, the city of San Francisco will require both businesses and residences to compost food scraps and biodegradable products or risk a fine for not properly sorting their garbage. While other cities require recycling service and participation, the law, which Mayor Gavin Newsom signed into effect in June, is the first nationwide to require the collection of food scraps and other compostables. Apparently, to facilitate the program, the city is offering free green compost carts to apartment buildings and businesses, as well as free kitchen pails for renters. Cathy - give us the inside scoop. How is this working for you? Do you guys now have a pail in your kitchen? What is the buzz among your friends? How is this working at Resto when they can't even handle recycling properly? I am so intrigued.

Little Alouette - Wood toys

I remember having a big box of beautiful wood blocks when we were growing up. I loved them (and wish I still had the box of blocks to play with now). I saw this post on stephmodo's blog about the company Little Alouette that have beautiful wood toys. Check it out (the song on their site is sweet too).

Fleet Foxes - Great video and song

Thank you to Dennis for sharing this on Google Reader. I am a big Fleet Foxes fan and this video is wonderful.

Mykonos from Grandchildren on Vimeo.

A peek in to my weekend

We enjoyed a tasty a fall flavored meal. Find the recipe here.
Erin and I got to learn about Chess at All Queens Day @ Bookmans.
Our friend is one of the founders of this amazing organization - 9 Queens

Scott and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary with a picnic in the spot we got married.

Tuesday, October 20

In Love...

I have a serious infatuation with particular aprons. I wear them all of the time - as in every day. Anyway, I saw these amazing linens online recently & love this belt idea even more. A tea towel into an apron! Genius. The incredible designs don't hurt either. Find your inspiration here. Swoon.

A Peek Into My Weekend...

I had the pleasure of accompanying our friends, Josh & Monique, down to Durango this past weekend on a last minute whim. Monique's parents have a wonderful house just outside of town. J&M were taking their boat down to her parents barn for storage & picking up all of their winter gear - time to get ready for skiing already! Anyway, I went along for fun, sun, and relaxing. Hope you girls had great weekends too.

Almost there!

Three people & three dogs make for cramped quarters. We drove in a borrowed diesel since we were towing a boat. The extra cab space, thankfully, allowed us all to fit in comfort.

Madison hunting field mice...All. Weekend. Long.

The land and irrigation system for the hay that feeds the neighboring horses.

The barn/boat storage space.

We took a little time out for some golf action.

I didn't know we were golfing & therefore was unprepared - clothing wise - for such an activity. So, I did a lot of flag holding.

And a lot of beer drinking. My kind of golfing.