Sunday, October 25

A Peak Into My Weekend/Winter Wonderland

I know it is only Sunday afternoon - but, this is what I have been dealing with this weekend. It is not even Halloween. Sigh. At least I leave for a little beach action next week.

Snow capped trees outside our front door

Madison still hunting for mice in the snow - not deep enough to kick this habit yet

Footprints in the snow


CathyP said...

Ok i know you are probably already sick of the snow...but I had to pull out a sundress today as it was "hot" here. It was about 75...and I was sweaty and I really want to be done with summer clothes...I am sorry I am complaining and I posted what look like "warm" pictures above...BUT I did wear a puffy vest to the beach if it makes you feel better?

Rebecca said...

These are beautiful photos! Still can't get over the snow!