Tuesday, October 13

Rain, and Tuesday...

The weather here is dreadful….blowing wind, heavy rain. Apparently this is the aftermath of a Japanese Typhoon. Our dog-walker cancelled, and I found that our ceiling leaks right over the couch.

If this was not such a busy week….This would have been a great Tuesday to call in sick. Tuesday is my day of choice to be “sick”. The way I see calling in(as an employee and boss) is as follows:

Monday: You are lazy, hung over, or you did something dumb on the weekend that you are hiding from.
Tuesday: You made it through Monday, you are on track….bam! you are sick. No one saw it coming, no one is questioning it. Feel better!
Wednesday: Really? You can’t get over the hump? You better plan to call in tomorrow too if you want anyone to believe you. lame.
Thursday: Thursday is the runner up to Tuesday, if it is the only day you call in, it is sort of a loose cannon.
Friday: See Monday. Perhaps there is a “walk of shame” involved?…Also, even with a doctors note, Friday is suspicious. Where are you calling from? Vegas? Mexico?

As a boss who has people call in sick all the time, I am a total pessimist…I don’t believe you when you call. I am also someone at work who cleans their desk all the time, does not touch door handles, will not use the community silverware, and overall is known as a germ-a-phobe. This all goes back to my Tuesday tactics.Tuesday is the magical day…..

I did get to wear my rain boots today. I am a huge fan of the Hunter Wellie. They keep your feet cozy all day.



Rebecca said...

C - Amazing link to wikipedia walk of shame. Reading this from home as I am home sick today. Had a good excuse - minor procedure (endoscopy) for the investigation of what is wrong with me (funny tummy x 1000).

I think I can remember us calling in sick on Friday a few times after some crazy Thursdays...or maybe I called in sick, you were the worker bee and probably actually went to work. Good girl.

Glad you got your rain boots out! I have worn mine 3 times in 2 years. Once horse back riding in Iceland (good thing I carried them around for 2 weeks in my luggage for one wear!), one time in Tucson when it was raining, and once a few weeks ago in ABQ at my parents house. 3 times. 2 years. Guess that is what the desert will do to you...

Sonchia said...


First - ditto - I was going to commend you on your crafty links. I cannot believe there is a wiki page for "walk of shame." I also love that "feel better" links to Jo Malone. Genius!

Secondly, as my own boss - there is no "calling in sick." I thought being my own boss would be awesome for this very reason - no one to have to answer to. Well, girlies, let me tell you, it sucks. If you don't show up to work, you screw the pooch and have to make it up the next day. I hate it. I want someone else to be responsible sometimes. Sigh.

And finally, wellies. I bought a cheapo pair of rainboots from Target for a river trip. Let me tell you - they are essential on a river trip - I love them and can't imagine another trip on any river without them. I have since worn them (see my picture above) to every muddy festival in Telluride since. I would have worn them today too - slushy gray gross snow - but didn't as they are becoming too flimsy and uncomfortable to walk around in all day. I recently told Justin that I need to invest in better rainboots - such as Hunter Wellies! The Target ones are not cutting it anymore. Cheap is not always good. I cannot seem to justify shelling out such major bucks on Hunter boots though.

Cathy - convince me I need them. Tell me how great they are. I may just have to break down.

CathyP said...

Ok...so I have to admit I got my Hunters for free. Perk from work :) BUT...I also have a pair from J.Crew that are flimsy but cute (pink with bulldogs).. and I have to say the Hunters are AMAZING. They are comfy, and easy and supportive to walk in. I also have the "socks" they make for them, not the cutest look but great for the weekends when it is cold and foggy and I take Busy to the beach :) Huge fan, love them.

On fit, I would say they fit like real boots. They really hug my legs adn you can tighten them if needed (I don't need to). Girls at work have also bought the extended calf size so they aren't as snug, but I like going for that Englich Country Manor look...If only I owned a Range Rover and Hunting Dogs :)..good times :)

CathyP said...

Becca - Note on the funny tummy. Have you been tested for Thyroid issues? I was having an awful time and that's what it was, I have never had a better tum than I do now (I didn't know this is how your tum is supposed to feel!)

Also Celiac's....I self-diagnosed myself with gluten intolerance. I don't have it, but I have to say I feel better if I don't eat Gluten.

Sonchia said...

Along that note - I have discovered I am soy intolerant. I HATE this fact, but I feel sooo much better upon discovering this fact. Makes eating sushi a pain though.