Tuesday, December 28


It best better be. 2011. Boom.

Happy New Year!

[from: The Poster List]

Tuesday, December 21


Thank you to Scott for surprising me with this beautiful Joanna Newsom poster!

 [found on Methane Studios]


[download free gift tags on Eat Drink Chic]

Friday, December 17

You know how to make a girl happy!

Thank you Cathy for the CUTEST gifts that arrived in the mail yesterday.  They were all so perfectly wrapped - and so thoughtful. 
My favorite?  The pencils of course - complete with New Years resolutions on each.  

[from Kate Spade]

Thursday, December 16

I want...

Need. Badly. Now.

[from: Michelle Armas]

I want...

... to be here today.  Sipping a candy cane green tea and reading a good book. 

 [image from theSteward]

Wednesday, December 15


Happy to say that my Christmas cards are finally finished and in the mail! Whew! 

  [carved linoleum block tree, printed on card stock, then used holiday stamps - started off as a fun project, now I never want to see my Xmas tree cut again....]

Monday, December 13

Simply Brilliant

No really. This is just too much. The Architectural Historian in me is dying over this set of dishes. Honestly, words escape me. The "floors" of each of these "buildings" are actually all pieces of dinnerware - inspired by Florentine Renaissance homes. Stacked dinnerware that doesn't look like tableware when not in use? Seriously. Brilliant. Love. Swoon. Amazing.

Find more options here. Woah.

Window Winter Wonderland

Sometimes it is hard to believe that the holidays are here - especially when it is 80 degrees outside.  Thank you to many downtown spots for decorating their windows to get me in the Christmas spirit. 

Classic.  Lovely. 

 [Hub on Congress - opens in January.  Window by Norbert Garcia]

Terrific Telluride

Winter - where art thou? The mountain is open - but we need more snow - desperately. So, until winter decides to arrive, I am going to reminisce about summer. THIS is why I live here.


Colorstrology = color + astrology. Is is accurate? Who knows. Is it fun? Most certainly.
Happy Monday people.

Saturday, December 11


The latest issue of Lonny Magazine is out & it is filled with all kinds of hotness. Yep, inspiration galore. I have been drooling over this issue all day. My favorite parts? See below.

Confetti table cloth, polka dot napkins, gold flatware. So much goodness in one place.

This pendant? Perfection.

One day I want a sofa in a nook. With scones on the side. Amazing.

This wallpaper is simply gorgeous. I love it so very much.

This needs to be dangling off my wrist. As in immediately.

And finally, this lamp couldn't possibly be any cuter. Want. Badly.

Your favorite parts?

Friday, December 10

A Generous Gift

Do you read the The Lil Bee's Blog?  It is one of my favorites.  Anyway, back in November, I entered this giveaway (I know, I love the giveaways as noted earlier this week) from APART.  Well, I was completely shocked when I got an email from a representative at APART saying that they planned to give EVERYONE who commented on the giveaway - the item that they discussed in their comment.  Whoa.  I read the email a few times because I did not believe it was true.  A very generous gift indeed.  

So....my package from APART arrived yesterday and I am SO excited to wear this skirt to holiday parties this year.  It is extremely well made, and the fabric is beautiful. The fit is absolutely perfect (if you order from APART use their size chart).  I am thinking or wearing it with red tights, black patten leather high heels and a green sweater.  

Thank you APART for what felt like an early Christmas gift.  :) 

 [Graphic Houndstooth ruffle skirt found on APART]

Thursday, December 9


Dear Table - Please be mine. I would love you forever. XO.

[from: sfgirlbybay]

Deck the Loft....

Christmas has arrived to our loft.  I am a copy cat and used the ladder as tree idea from CB2


Wednesday, December 8

And the Winner is....

Yay!  A great day!  I love to enter giveaways on blogs - mostly because I am introduced to beautiful new websites/products/companies that I did not know about before. 

And today - I won!  Cup of Jo is one of my favorite blogs.  Remember this giveaway for a cute blouse below with a wonderful scissor print from Snoozer Loser?  I commented that it would be a great gift for my sister. 

 [Snoozer Loser - great name!]

 So, sis, if you are reading - you are going to get a cute blouse coming your way (oh no - unless I am too selfish and keep it for myself - this is the true test!).  Maybe we can share...

7 X 7

Loving the new cover of the 7x7 magazine for Dec/January.  The illustration is by Lab Partners  (wish my iPhone photo was clearer but could not find another photo of the cover online...) 

Tuesday, December 7

Merry Christmas Kitty!

If I got my cat more than a tiny stocking filled with cheap toys and treats for Xmas, she would get this teepee.  Don't you think everything southwestern cat needs one?  hee hee

Monday, December 6

I want...

...this print.  Hell, I want the shelves/storage underneath it as well.  

My wish for you

Saturday, December 4


Friday, December 3

Well written...

Yes you are.

Happy weekend!

[from: Prismera]


Feast your eyes on this...boom!

You guessed it - more open shelving yumminess. I know, this is getting ridiculous.

I mean - those shelves are awesome unto themselves, but look at those counters! I have butcher block counters at home & love them. These are even better though - rich, warm, beautiful.
They remind me of a boat.

[via: Pinterest (of course - thanks for making this my latest obsession Rebecca!)]

Once an RA...

...always an RA (as in Resident Advisor).  
I decorated my door at work complete with a take-home art project for students. 
I am a geek (or I was bored at work). 


Tiny Dancer

Made me think of you two.  
Happy Dancing and Happy Friday!

[by Cristiana Couceiro found in the NYT]

Thursday, December 2

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Have you all started? I haven't even thought about it. Oops.

[from: Design is Mine]

Wednesday, December 1


Trying my best.

[from: chilion_28]


I love all the magical Iceland photos posted on Kris Atomic.   
pic 1 by Peter Baker pic 2 by Peter Nijenhuis

Help me...

...pick out a couch or two.  Living room remodel in full effect.  Scott told me to "ask the girls" their opinions.  My perspective - get comfy sectional couch that still looks good.  Scott's perspective - more sleek and modern with 2 couches.  We are turning the living room a different direction and will have more room to accommodate sectional or 2 couches.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Help.  


 [I like all the colors under "Cotton Basketweave" @ West Elm]

[orange sectional - sort of like the color scheme we have now @CB2]

2 couches instead of sectional could include 1 that is like a traditional couch and one that is more like a chaise lounge or flat part of a sectional?  See some of the options below: 

 [My lame attempt at trying to add 2 couches to one picture- above - Draper couch @ CB2, and orange sectional part @CB2 - below Draper couch again in diff. color and green daybed @ CB2 ]

Thoughts? There are more couches we have talked about - but all sort of look like the posted listed here...

Tuesday, November 30


Orange you so very beautiful lamp? Yes. Tots.

[via: seesaw designs]


Desperately in love with this tufted rust velvet sofa. Holy hotness.

[via: My Favorite and My Best]

Ring A Ding...

Sparkling Rose Cut Diamond Ring.

Just stop it.

[from: Kate Szabone Jewellery]