Tuesday, August 30


I want it to be summer forever. I need this to remind me of the smell of the green mountain grass, the colors of the wildflowers, the sounds of babbling brooks, the glistening of the sunshine, and the feel of the wind in my hair as I race my bike down Main Street come January.
Stay just a little longer summer - how about it?

Thursday, August 25

Colorful Creation...

Wow. Love this project. Maybe worth doing on a smaller scale?
Maybe I can give it a whirl some day.

I think I am on a color kick. First this and now this?

Wednesday, August 24

Back to School

Today is the first day of school in Pima College land, and therefore work will be crazy busy.  

I  love the first day of school - always have.  My mom tucked sweet notes in to my packed lunch to remind me she loved me and to have fun.   I sure love these sweet napkins below!  

Tuesday, August 23

Love this...

I really really do.

[from: Design Mom]

Thursday, August 18


MCB got me this lovely gift - it arrived yesterday. My first order of business, obviously putting my dog inside. My new favorite tote. Best Made Company has wonderful stuff - you should really check them out.

Yes, everything here really is wonderful.

Monday, August 15

Monday, Monday...

Trying to think happy thoughts this Monday. Top of the list? This scarf. This makes me happy.

Sunday, August 14

Feeling Crafty


[image found on Uppercase]

Excited for Crafternoon today at this lovely new spot in Downtown Tucson.  

(picture taken before they added lots of comfy chairs and big tables)

Wednesday, August 10


Sunday, August 7

Ring a Ding Dong...

Wow.  This is beyond random - but I could not stop watching.  Maybe it will make you smile too! 

Friday, August 5

Friday Faves

Hi all. Another week has wizzed past. Where is summer going? I feel as though I have barely had time to enjoy any of it. Hope everyone is having a lovely summer and have some fun this weekend!

I remain infatuated by table skirts.

So pretty in pink.

These geode earrings rock.

Seriously. Check out this kitchen. Perfection.

A bike seat on a wall? Love.

Yep. I dig it.

Thinking someone around here might deserve this. Possible weekend project for me - yay.

Thursday, August 4


Lovin' this beer and the label design...

{from New Belguim Brewery - picture by me]