Tuesday, August 31

Lamp Love

I don't know if you already saw this post on Made by Girl - but here is a "how-to" for the lamps that were hanging in the Cafe ZuZu at the Valley Ho.  
Sonchia - remember you were checking them out?  Now you can make your own!  

This and That...

I saw this floral carpet by Kate Nikolaeva studio posted here...

...and it reminded me of the Floral Clock in the Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh.

Go Wildcats!

Have y'all seen these? VS has a college line.....not sure if the designers/merchants have ever been down to Tucson..but these are a little conservative, no?

Especially when they offer these!


Monday, August 30

One Week....

And we are checking in here....amazing! Stone House 1854, in Little Compton, RI. It's all I can do to get through these next 3 days of work....pinch me please!

I already picked what I am having for dinner at the "pub"....1854 (I chose for KP too)
Swiss Fondue To Share - Grissini, Gherkins, Olives & Crusty Bread $8
Old Stone Orchard Seasonal Greens, Tiny Tomatoes, Fresh Herbs & Citrus Vinaigrette $6
Maine Halibut Fish & Chips, Hand Cut Fries, Creole Remoulade & Grilled Lemon $16
Run Dog Run Farms Chicken Pot Pie - Beanhouse Farms Vegetables, Vermouth, Simple Greens $13
Platter Of Hand Crafted Fudge For The Table $7
Birch Beer Float, Vanilla Gelato, Little Cookies $6

They have bikes for you to use, it is close to some historic mansions, and basically I am thinking of moving to Rhode Island before I have even been there! There are also signature cocktails in the afternoon, a.m. yoga, and I am thinking the breakfast is going to be a little more than "continental"
I love 1854!

Friday, August 27


I am usually not one to say TGIF - but - Thank God it is Friday - because this work week needs to be OVER! 

[this amazing image from Vogue Italia found on DESIGNLOVEFEST]

Thursday, August 26

Four Eyes

So, I am in desperate need of new glasses. Seriously. I am wearing ancient frames - hand-me-downs that I broke recently. They now sit totally wonky on my face. On most days, I wear contacts, so finding replacement frames has been really low on the priority scale.

Lately I have been seeing a lot of cool frames around the blog-o-sphere. Maybe it is because it is back to school time and everyone is feeling very collegiate? Whatever the reason, I have been seeing some great frames out there that are super cool & super inexpensive - two of my most favorite things. One problem with all of this is that I can't just pop into an online store to try on a pair of frames...or can I?

I just came across this cool site by Warby Parker. This site has an amazing feature where you can upload a photo and virtually "try on" any of their frames. Below is my current pick. Think I should "try on" anything else?

My frames of choice at the moment - Huxley in the Crystal Tortoise.
I am sort of digging their hipster vibe.

Me. In the frames. Looking surly. It felt weird to smile for a web cam.

Rain, Rain...do not go away...

It is my favorite season in Tucson - monsoons.  This week has been wonderful!  It all started with a dance in the rain on Saturday night with two of my favorite girls.  On Monday I watched a hail storm with crazy sideways rain from the porch of my office building - it was amazing!  On Tuesday I walked to the market in my rain boots.  

A few rain inspired items for you. 

yes - R is for rain.  

would love to hide under this...

 Love wellies! Why not a wellie t-shirt?

wall decals

Tuesday, August 24

Geek Chic

How lovely are these science-y items? Yes, I do have back-to-school on the brain. One of each please, wrap it up, and make it quick! More lovely items from fermLIVING here.

School Daze

Today is the first day of school here in Telluride. Guess that means I am done with science camps & am back into science classes. Wow - where did the summer go? In honor of the first day of school, here are some pencils I wish I had when I was a student. Sigh - I miss new school supplies.

Free to Be...

As a child of the 1970's (and with hippie parents) we were big fans of Free to Be you and Me.  The songs take me back and I love the blatant "girls can do anything" message.  So, have you seen the new Target commercial with the Free to Be song?  It's cute, but I still don't think any commercial can do the original Free to Be any justice.

Thursday, August 19


I can't even fathom that it will be 108 when I arrive tomorrow.


[from: The Heads of State]

Family Ties

I am missing my sister big time. She just sent me a link to this wonderful print.

[found on Etsy by beauchamping]

Wednesday, August 18

Feeling Fall...

I feel as though we have barely had any summer, but I can't deny the fact that it is getting cooler here day by day. So, I am just going to succumb - fall is just around the corner. And, to celebrate this change in seasons - a couple of items that I can't get out of my head.

The Architecutral Historian in me loves this skyscraper scarf.

Warm woodsy wooly throw? Yes please.

Want to check out more? Lots of yummy goodness here.

Tuesday, August 17

I bought....

This week we cashed in some wedding gift cards and got Mario Batali cast iron cookware.  It is like a cheaper version of Le Creuset

So far so good!  Love the yellow polenta color with our green walls in the kitchen. 

Cute boys!

I spoke of my embroidery obsession here...with so many friends having babies, I am busy making onsies! Here are two cute baby boys modeling their onsies.

[Dawes - photo taken by his mama - Bree --- Miles - photo taken by his mama - Keegan]

Monday, August 16

Counting down the days....

...until we are here!

Hotel Valley Ho Brochure

[photo found on Ms. Atomic's Flickr]


Sigh. Lovely.

Happy Monday.

[from: Design*Sponge]

Friday, August 13



Happy Friday.

[from: Little Green Notebook]

Happy Friday!

Wishing I was here... instead of on my way to work...

[photo taken by Liz Zavodsky - Scott and I in Edinburgh]

ps. I love Scott's socks in this pic...

Thursday, August 12

I want...

...this cute little house is Bisbee, AZ.  Time for a second home? For only $219,000 this could be yours.


Of course, Target does it again. While nothing might top the Orla Kiely Target offerings in my mind, I did love the recent Liberty of London collection. And now...after two successful collaborations with John Derian in 2008, Target has announced that it will debut another exclusive collection of home décor and accessories designed by the decoupage artist this Fall. The line will be available Sept. 5th in stores and online. I am looking forward to checking out the John Derian collection in person soon & hope to be "wowed." Here are a few of my pre-selections - check out other offerings here.

Wednesday, August 11


Now open for business. I am in serious trouble.

Tuesday, August 10

Watch This!

Alright, another TV obsession to share. I swear, I don't watch that much TV in general, but lately I have been finding some great shows. If you guys aren't watching The Fabulous Beekman Boys, you need to start now. Seriously, I not only love these guys but I am also extremely jealous of their fabulous life. Check them out immediately. Oh - and make sure to visit their online store too which features all of the amazing products created from their farm.

Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr. Brent Ridge are not your average couple. They have transplanted themselves from New York City to Beekman Farm in upstate New York, where they are raising 80 goats, two pigs, a dozen chickens and a narcissistic llama -- and learning that the "simple life" isn't so simple.


About this headboard. Don't you just love the fabric? More inspiration here.

Hunting & Gathering

This weekend I had the opportunity to finally get out there & go mushroom hunting. It was simply amazing. Some girlfriends & I went up around this place (remember?) with a specific mission to find chanterelle mushrooms. Boy, did we hit the motherload.

Beyond the actual hunting though, taking a minute to pay attention to the ground was the best part of my day. Usually on hikes I am so focused on "getting there" - to the top, to the campsite, to whatever the goal might be - that I don't take the time to stare at the ground below. I have never studied the variety of mushrooms like I did on Saturday...where they grow, how they grow, that some have pores rather than gills. It was fascinating.

I wish we had taken more photos of the dinner we made from our find (it was delicious), but I think we were too excited about eating to take any photos.


Heading up & up.


Wild strawberries discovered along the way.

Gnome home.

The steeze.

The dogs were as excited as I was about our finds. Yum!

All photos by the talented Brianne Hovey.

Simple shots

I am still sifting through all our photos from the trip.  It is interesting to see what we took pictures of and I am loving the simple shots of walking around.  Here are  few from Uzès, France.  I love the windows... the laundry...the blue skies.  Sigh...

Monday, August 9

Watch This!

My new favorite TV show - American Pickers. Mondays on the History Channel. I am obsessed with Mike & Frank. I wish I could tag along with them as they go "junking" across America. If you aren't watching - start now. Uh-may-zing.

Plot Outline:
This isn't your grandmother's antiquing. Pickers like Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are on a mission to recycle America, even if it means diving into countless piles of grimy junk or getting chased off a gun-wielding homeowner's land. Hitting back roads from coast to coast, the two men earn a living by restoring forgotten treasures to their former glory, transforming one person's trash into another's treasure.