Tuesday, April 17

Life Lately...

Hi there! Remember me? I know. It has been so very long. I am terrible. Life lately has been, well, busy. Without going into everything - here is a taste of what's been happening.

I have been on a painting frenzy. Nothing exciting/worth sharing. I am just touching up everything in my place. Inside of pantry - check. Front of cabinets - check. Boring stuff, but man, it feels so fresh and clean again. I like. Lots.

Found some rusty numbers to put on the front of the shed while "junking" in Montrose. They haven't gone up yet - soon though.

PS. Other news about the shed...Dwell is interested in doing a story. Crazy, right?

Despite a snowstorm this last weekend, Matthew is in a springtime state of mind.

A little DIY. A bit confusing, but we got it done. And, I haven't worn my bracelet once. Oh well.

Anthropologie moved to a new location in Boston.
While in town visiting my sister last month, we stopped by.
Amazing. All of it.

Have you seen this blog? Matthew and I are obsessed.
So, I did my own version for him on the shed fridge.
Man, I love this chalkboard fridge.

One more week. Trying to soak it up.

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