Wednesday, September 30

Builder Magazine

[photo taken by me outside at the Ice House Loft]

I was interviewed this summer by Builder Magazine about what buyers are looking for - specifically young(ish) women. So - here is the article! I am on page 4 - it is about living in the Ice House and what I was looking for when buying.

Random funny points:
-A little sad that I am in an article about the Millennial Generation - I am a Gen X! But people vary on what birth years they consider in each generation.
-Funny how the article stated that easy to clean surfaces are important to female buyers. I said it was important to me, but mostly because I brainstormed with Scott before getting interviewed and HE wanted easy to clean surfaces since he is the clean bee in our house.

Anything with "Art" and "Copy" in the title....

This looks like a good one! I am obsessed with Mad Men right now, so I am sure I will indulge in this film about advertising. Read more about it here.

Tuesday, September 29

I want...

Yes please, and thank you in advance.
I love that by adjusting the lamp, you further add to the design.

From: ontwerpduo

Card Catalog Contemplating

So, I am still mulling over how I am going to use my new purchase. Any ideas - I need help! Do I have a stand made? It currently sits on the floor (as shown in the image from the linked post). After doing a bit of research online, every card catalog seem to be off the ground. What is a girl to do here? Not that I really have room for yet another piece in this condo - on the floor or off.

PS. Don't you just l-o-v-e some of these rooms? Swoon.

In Stitches

So, I have noticed a lot of cross-stitching & embroidery hoops on design blogs lately. Like my earlier post on doilies, I am not so sure I am into this trend. What is it with people trying to reinvigorate various "old timey" handiwork? I mean, I get the idea of trying to update these traditional craft forms by using them in new ways (also by trying to make them "edgy"), but I am sort of on the fence about the entire thing. Thoughts?

Custom Heart Sampler: MiniatureRhino

Embroidered Text Messages: Ginger Anyhow

I want...

One day I will own an Eames Rocker. Thank you for continuing to indulge me in my design world fantasies.

Yes it is!


We went to the Bon Iver show last night at the Rialto in Tucson, AZ. Amazing show. If you have not listened to their music yet - start now. I also love his story - Justin Vernon (songwriter) holed up in a cabin in Wisconsin and wrote the beautiful songs on the album - For Emma, Forever ago. Wishing that I could spend a winter at my parents cabin...

Enjoy this song (not an official video - but at least you can just listen to the song).

Oh - and I cannot resist a merch table - bought a beautiful print at the show. I guess the band has been doing a poster for each city on the tour, getting a local artist/printer to produce a limited # and then sell them at the when I actually get it framed.

Monday, September 28

I love....

...the ornamental peppers I got at Trader Joe's.

I won!

On Friday night we went to an Auction to benefit Second Street School. I bid on, and won this cute hedgehog piece! The hedgehogs and background fabric our linen. You can get your own kit to make the hedgehogs on the Etsy site: Wisp of Snipe.

Sunday, September 27

Wallpaper Wishing...again

Um, excuse me, but why am I only learning about this now? Do you guys know that Sherwin-Williams offers a product called "Easychange Wallpaper?" According to Sherwin-Williams, "This new generation of wallcovering installs as easily as painting the wall. Some selections are 'paste the wall' while others are pre-pasted - and all are guaranteed to go up and come down effortlessly." Apparently, this product is an environmentally friendly non-vinyl wallcovering, breathable by preventing moisture from being trapped, fully washable, and you can remove the wallpaper simply by pulling off the wall with no special tools or solvents needed. Have you girls heard about this or seen it in person? I wonder if it looks good or like you have a weird sticker on your walls. I must say, I am intrigued.

Autumn Aspens

Well, fall has officially descended upon Telluride. The light was amazing this morning flickering off of the yellowing aspen leaves. It makes me wish I were a better photographer. Anyway, I was so inspired, I broke off a few aspen branches to bring a bit of fall inside. How is fall shaping up in your corners of the world?


I picked up this lovely at our annual town-wide garage sale this weekend. I have always wanted a card catalog. I have absolutely no room for this in our house - but, if I did - any ideas on how to use this? It is only about 18" tall. I would love any ideas. Maybe I can find a way to make room for it somewhere.

I Love Burlap...

I was up a bit early this morning & of course, I started putzing around the house. All of a sudden I began to notice all of the burlap around my house. I LOVE burlap - I am not afraid to admit it. First, it is inexpensive. Second, I love the earthy texture. It makes me happy. Anyway, I thought I would share the burlap in my life.

A burlap pillow I had made that lives on our bed at the moment. Like I said, I was up - obviously Justin was not (though he did hide his face when he saw the flash - I love that he doesn't question why I am photographing the bed at 9AM on a Sunday).

A custom table skirt I had made out of burlap, hiding an old table that used to live in our back patio in Savannah. The table fit perfectly in our tiny Telluride "dining room," but is god awful ugly. A box pleated table cover was a wonderful solution!

A burlap lamp in our "living room." I love how the light gets diffused through the shade.

Saturday, September 26

In Season

I just discovered Eat The Seasons, a very simple website with an up to date list of the fruits and vegetables in season in your particular region. They change it every month and offer recipe ideas to incorporate seasonal produce.

Apparently artichokes are currently at their prime. Since they are my absolute favorite food in the entire world - more reason to eat "in season."

[image: MatthewA]

Well, sure...

The Bomb

Friday, September 25

Say Cheese!

Today - I am thinking about cameras. My friend Lauren (artist and craft master) has a collection of vintage cameras as well as a beautiful picture she took of a camera hanging in her house (see picture below).
[photo taken by: Lauren Brennan]

Fun stuff inspired by cameras!

[From: Delia*s]

[Camera stamp (I bought one for Andrew) found on Etsy]

[Napkins Found on Etsy]

[wonderful new iPhone app - CameraBag that will help you Edit photos]

[photo taken by Rebecca Safford - edited on CameraBag]

Thursday, September 24

Nothing could be more true...

I also like...

Tile - like a lot. Sort of like fabric, I have a mild obsession. How about using one of these lovelies from Popham Design? Swoon.


From: Oh Bambi

Dear Diary...

So, I haven't been able to maintain a diary in eons it seems - though maybe this blog is sort of like a diary. We keep track of things we want, record events, and showcase items we love. Anyway, if I were disciplined enough to keep an actual diary, the Keel's Simple Diary might be one I could actually maintain.

The idea behind this diary..."Keel's Simple Diary offers structure for those who don't have time to wonder, making it easy to record life's moments. It gives the pleasure of a quick response and the sense that no matter what's wrong, more is right." I don't know if that is inspiring or depressing. Anyway, click the images to see pages close up - they are a riot.

Things I bought....

In response to Sonchia's are a few random purchases I have made lately.

Remember our discussion on entry ways? Well - we purchased this from CB2 to hide the random stuff that end up on the counter. This picture is taken of our entry way - to the right of the front door.

I walk by Urban Outfitters to and from work each day - stopped in after work last Thursday and got this dress 50% off! Yeehaw! Yes - it is still hot enough here to wear it.

Tent Trip

Becca recently posted about Dunton Hot Springs with a photo of one of their fancy tents. We camp every so often around here in the summer - in our little camping tent. I think that a night in a Dunton tent or at one of the amazing tents at the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort sounds like a much better idea. Let's go!

(PS. Dunton is seriously minutes away from Telluride - who is in?)

I Miss Fabric...

Really, I do. In my former life when I worked as an interior design assistant, I would keep a basket on my desk containing all of my latest favorite fabrics. Sigh, I miss those days. I know it sounds strange, but I would covet these prints, and turn them over in my hands while on business calls dreaming of all of the fun things I could create with beautiful fabrics. Paying homage to my days of fondling fabrics, I wanted to share some of my recent favorites. Of course, these two companies are only two of many that I absolutely love. Swoon.

Wednesday, September 23

I could not help myself

It actually started to feel like Fall in Tucson today. As a mini-celebration I treated myself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I couldn't help myself and I have no regrets.
Treat yourself to something fun today!

Yes it does...

I am in the midst of grant writing season. I should have my last grant submitted right before I leave for vacation in November. Hope you girls are being productive today too!

[from: MaryKateMcDevitt]