Thursday, September 17

Do you Judge a Book by its Cover?

To answer the question above - yes I completely judge books by their cover (and wine by their labels). I love a beautiful cover and many times I pick a new book completely by how it looks. Here are some of my favorites - both their covers and the actual book.
What book designs do you like?
Murakami's writing is dream-like and magical. Just like the cover design.

I love the font on this book and the picture in the background.
My favorite of Chabon's books.

I absolutely love this cover - Art History quiz - do you know where this cover is from?

Answer: It is from The Garden of Earthly Delights - Hieronymus Bosch
The Mating book cover is from the 2 upside-down people on the blue ball in the middle (see the badly drawn red arrow).

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Sonchia said...

I was totally going to say Bosch! Nice work. I totally judge books by their covers & wine by their labels. I need to mull this one over to find my faves.