Friday, September 18

Things I bought...

Just wanted to share a few of my recent purchases. Any new acquisitions in your worlds? Let's share!

Yep, I broke down & ordered this. Remember I blogged about this a few months ago? I will now own this - but not sure where I will hang it. Details, details.

I bring my lunch to work every day. I love leftovers, but do not have a microwave at work - and there really is no room for one. So, I do my best to bring cold food and/or sandwiches every day. I hate the trash that baggies/tin foil creates as you cannot recycle either around here. So, I decided to order this in an effort to reduce waste. I will let you know how it works.

I ordered a couple of these for our living room. We do not have any type of mud room as you can tell from this post. So - when people walk in, we have limited space for coats and such. Hopefully these will help provide more "hanging space" for items as this winter.

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Becca said...

Super Cute stuff Sonchia! Love the re-useable baggies. Perfect. Keep us posted on where you hang the print!

Seems like someone has been doing some shopping - I got a WONDERFUL treat from you in the mail. THANK YOU! Love it so much.