Thursday, September 24

Tent Trip

Becca recently posted about Dunton Hot Springs with a photo of one of their fancy tents. We camp every so often around here in the summer - in our little camping tent. I think that a night in a Dunton tent or at one of the amazing tents at the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort sounds like a much better idea. Let's go!

(PS. Dunton is seriously minutes away from Telluride - who is in?)


Becca said...

Random thought but my aunt has a teepee in her back yard with a hardwood floor. It is amazing. This pic reminded me of it. She built it years ago for her guest house.

I'm in! For any trip any time. We will try to solidfy our travel plans - Sonchia remember I asked you about your plans around New Years? We are thinking of Denver/Telluride trip. I need to get on it with planning.

Sonchia said...

Lemme know! Would love to host you guys - anytime!