Thursday, September 10

Those sweet little treats....

Cupcakes: Here are some thoughts on casual baking turning into urban industry.

San Francisco has a lot of these shops.. I am a Vanilla/Coconut Cream Cheese girl myself....what flavor do you guys like?

The latest and greatest this place. I think I have had one of their cakes before, but can not guarantee. They deliver to you in a golf cart. How awesome is that.

Just look at these....all from Martha...of course :) Seriously though I made some chocolate cupcakes from here once, lots of ingredients, but they were amazingly one believed I made them!


Sonchia said...


A. I love the Slate article - again, I feel very enlightened. I do live in a bubble here. Guess I am seriously out of the loop.

B. I love, love spice/ginger cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I love carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I love zucchini with cream cheese frosting. Hmmm - I am noticing a trend here. I also dig anything devil's food related.

C. I love that you made cupcakes from scratch. Baking at high altitude is a bitch, but I am trying to get better at it - slowly. I am mastering breads a bit, but am still a "out of the box" girl when it comes to cakes/cupcakes.

D. Did you see the cupcakes my friend Peiper made me for my "space camp" themed birthday this year? The tops sank (high altitude again), so she cut the tops off, stacked them, and called them "lunar landing" cupcakes. Check them out on my FB page. I requested cupcakes vs. a regular cake for my bday this past year. To note, Justin likes to create "themes" for my birthday...I just want to make that clear. I never know the theme - and the Space Camp shirt you guys got me provided him with the inspiration - so thanks, I think.

Becca said...

Cupcakes thoughts

- I will get my act together and post 2 recipes this weekend.
-I love them because they are easy to pack up for work and have as a snack.
-My favorites are non-sweet cupcakes...carrot, zucchini, stuff like that.
-My friend Jenny always brings cupcakes as a gift. So cute.

Why is everything Martha so perfect?

Golf cart delivery? That is amazing.

LovingBeans said...

Another comment LOL. Go get the book, Hello Cupcake, for the most cupcake fun EVER