Wednesday, September 9

What do you look at all day....

What do you look at all day?

Here is what I look at……..right, straight, left (wow what a mess)

This is a little reading nook I have created, and it is actually out of sight, so I can really hide there (not that I need to hide at work...but just in case)….look at that stack of books I need to get through


Is it really that dim in your office? Yes, I only work by natural and lamp light.

Are you really that messy? Yes, and you have both lived with me. I am messy, I don't make excuses for it, but I do try to keep it to myself.

Is that a plate of old food on your desk? No, I just haven't gone to the kitchen yet, and I ate a late lunch :)

PS…the color quiz post is coming…I PROMISE….


Sonchia said...

I am so posting about this tomorrow - too funny. Um, I love that you have a reading nook at work. And - your Q&A section is great - it certainly clears a lot up from this end (wink).

Sonchia said...

PS. I didn't realize we had a tag for mess. Tee hee.

Becca said...

Love this post idea. Pics up when I am at work tomorrow. Reading nook? Your office is way cooler than mine.

Becca said...

PS. Cathy remember our discussion of messy versus dirty? You are a great house mate and not dirty - you just have a lot of stuff...and piles. :)