Friday, September 18

Beaucoup Books!

One thing that we have TONS of are books! And, living in a small space, storage is a constant concern. Justin built this bookcase to fit behind our spiral staircase as nothing "standard" would fit this space. How do you all store books in your house? How often do you weed through your books to part with some? Getting rid of books is the hardest thing for us to do around here.

To note: "Boston" print from Ork Posters. Bus Stop sign - stolen - these are the actual signs for bus stops in Savannah. Bike - in the way. Basket - to hold our large collection of cords (for cameras, phones, computers, etc, etc). White Bowl - France. Mercury Ball - Rustica in Tucson. Framed picture - engagement at Gates Pass in Tucson.

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Becca said...

After moving so much, I got used to parting with books because I kept moving the same books and finally had to determine what I could part with. There are some I could never get rid of but many that it was fine to part with. When weeding through sometimes it is easier if you are passing books on to friends (ones you do not want anymore, but still somewhat attached to).

We have a vertical bookshelf that helps with small space. We got a CB2 or IKEA - can't remember.