Monday, September 21

Halloween Planning

Yes, I know it is still September, but Fall is in the air and Halloween costume planning is coming up. What are you all going to be this year? Check out this cute picture of my parents in college (Nona and Paul are the cuties in the front) as a 6-pack of beer. Great costume!
Too bad we are not all in the same town or we could re-create this look.


Sonchia said...

Um, of course they would go as lone star! I love it! I bet Nona made the costumes too. Justin & I will be flying out to Savannah on Halloween. Not sure when we arrive that night, but doubt we will get too "costume-y" this year. Luckily, Telluride is all about costumes - so we get to dress up for things all of the time. What are YOU guys going as?

Becca said...

Last year we were Juno and Paulie Bleaker (Juno's boyfriend) and the year before we were Margot and Richie Tennenbaum from the Royal Tennenbaums. This year I think I am going to be Haley Mills and Haley Mills in the Parent Trap with my sister. :)