Thursday, January 28

The Best, The Bomb, The Bet

My friend Kirsten sent me a link to this interesting article from the New York Times's Home & Garden section entitled "Retail Roulette." The owners of 11 design stores took inventory of their best and worst sellers during the recession, and say what they're betting on for the coming year. Anything we should be adding to the list?

I speak from personal experience that this qualifies as a "best."
Got this very set for Christmas and use it all of the time.
Not just bowls, but a colander, a sieve, and a small mixing bowl
with a spout that I love. Find it

I saw this on a couple of blogs this year & really didn't quite "get it."
Guess I am not the only one. Find it
here - if you really want.

I have also seen this on a lot of blogs recently & think this one will most certainly be a smash.
I know I dig it. Find it
here - in lots of other great colorways.

Watch This!

I love that A Cup of Jo posted about this PBS series today - I was going to mention it as well! After watching the first installment of Emma, I literally pulled out my calendar and noted when installments 2 & 3 were playing as to remind myself not to miss this show. Sigh, don't you just love Jane Austen? Catch up on the first episode here. Seriously, this series is wonderful & is not to be missed.

Wednesday, January 27

Rock & Roll

As previously mentioned, Justin & I host a live radio show every other week on our local (& only) radio station here in Telluride - KOTO. We have a great time rockin' out, but what I actually find the most interesting is going through the vast collection of music here at the station. Nowadays we use our iPods to spin our tunes, so that gives me ample time while hanging out at the station to pull old records and marvel in their cover designs - or lack thereof. Here are a few favorites I randomly pulled from the collection tonight - in no particular order. Any LP cover favorites in your world?

KOTO Headquarters - the purple house on N. Pine

On the air

Community radio at its finest - where they let even people like us on the air.

Turn it up!

Just a portion of the vinyl selection at the station

Oh Linda Ronstadt - how I love you

So dirty - whipped cream & cherries?

Fringe is my favorite


The Bobs? Maybe a cover with bathrobes & breakfast food is why you
may not make it into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Because a big bison says "we rock."

Of course I dig this.

It's lonely in the modern world....

Love this blog that Julie just sent me with pictures and funny commentary about photos from Dwell magazine... hee.

In search of a less bleak playground, the toddler pedaled faster.

(Dwell, June 2004)

Kid Collage

I love this idea! The Jan Eleni Collage is an exclusive archival art piece of a child's artwork. You send them original artwork (which is returned back to you) and they create a professionally framed personalized archival collage (up to 112 images). What a wonderful way to display your child's artwork. More here (collage tab).

Tuesday, January 26

Feelin' hot hot hot......

Maybe it is because I am just back from Jamaica......but I feel the need to let you know about a big obsession I have with Texas Pete Hot Sauce. Have you tried it? We can't get it out here in California...but when I am anywhere east, I stock up!* It is seriously the best. I eat it on everything, keep some in my desk at work...I think I am officially obsessed. Buy some** let me know what you think

*They have it in little packets at Chick-Fil-A.....don't think I am above stuffing my purse with them when I get to go there, too.

** I am not being paid for this :) ha ha!

Keep Calm and...

Yet another clever take on the "Keep Calm and Carry On." Love!

[found on Jenniegee]

A Peek in to my Weekend...

fresh peas from our garden!
kitty in a new shoe box.
Our first official Sunday Crafternoon!
Lovely Latte at Time Market!

Thursday, January 21


Sigh, if only this were true (hint hint Justin).

[from: Elements of Style]


Found at Buffalo Exchange in Tucson for only $15! Finally a pair of tall boots! Since they are used - they are already nicely broken in for me.

Iceland Style

Did you all see this post about Icelandic Market on decor8? I love how their designs really captured the feel of Iceland. Below are a few picture I took from around Reykjavik when we were there in 2008. There were huge murals on random walls throughout town. I love the corrugated metal sidings on many of the houses. Very modern feel to the city versus when we were hanging out in the country.

Wednesday, January 20

Final Thought...


[image & more: The Bright Side Project]

Gig Posters

I have had this blog bookmarked for well over a year now & just ran across it again while looking for another site in my list of "favorites." Though we get a lot of great music in Telluride - simply amazing for such a small, remote town - I am really bad when it comes to keeping up with the latest indie bands. Depressing to think we host a radio show every other week too (listen in - Telluride's only radio station streams live - KOTO). We play a lot of old favorites instead of "new" & "hip." When I was in Boston recently my sister burned me a copy of like 9 CDs of music she claimed I must start listening to, including many of the bands featured here. Anyway, the point of all of this rambling is to say that though I don't really know many of the bands featured, I love each of these gig posters for their amazing design aesthetic. Becca - I know you & Scott are good about collecting these. Here is just a sampling of some of the amazing posters, but make sure to check out all of the others as they are beautiful.

Tuesday, January 19

Currently Loving

This image today. Vintage map - check. Beautiful hydrangeas - check.
Turquoise lamps with chocolate lampshades - check & check.

[image: Trisha Brink Design]

Gold Medal Graphics?

Forget the luge, the salchow, or curling; with the Winter Olympics just around the corner, obviously I thought we should consider the design behind the upcoming games. Justin was in Vancouver last year & brought me home an official Olympics t-shirt as a gift. I found it in the bottom of a drawer last night & it got me thinking - "what is up with this crappy logo?" I mean honestly, this is a world event - shouldn't the marketing behind these games be reflective of this?

The 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games logo. Tragic.

Moscow Games 1908 - now you're talking.

Mexico, 1968 - Hell yes. Yum.

Monday, January 18


This makes me so very happy today. I want this table & these chairs.

[image: Margot Austin]

Soggy Shoes

Since we are lacking any sort of hallway/mud room/entry, all of our snowy, muddy shoes end up right in our Living Room area. They soak through carpets, rugs, mats, you name it. Drives me bonkers. I have been looking for some sort of shoe pan, but they are all hideous. I am totally digging this one - particularly since it is on wheels so we can move it out of the way as needed. I have no clue where I found this image, but hope to find a way to recreate this soon! Other ideas much appreciated - as always.

Heart. Love. Swoon.

I feel as though I am just recovering from the holiday craziness & now everywhere I look we are already getting bombarded with Valentines Day stuff. Seriously, can we have a break here? I feel as though I sound like a grump - as if I am all "screw love." It is not that, it is just exhausting to have to celebrate one. more. thing.

Do you all do anything special for the big V-Day? I guess we typically go out to dinner, but nothing more beyond that. We also have never celebrated an anniversary. Again - just another "thing" to do. After ten years of dating, I guess I am of the mindset that it is not about the big gestures (candy, presents, etc.), but rather more about the day to day. I don't like the idea of getting flowers because you are expected to - I like getting them because someone saw flowers and thought I would like them.

Sorry to be grouchy - this gloomy Monday morning must be getting to me.

[image: the lovely Rae Dunn]

Mirror, Mirror...

I would probably floss more if I had a bathroom like this - just as an excuse to spend more time at this lovely sink. Bright, white, clean.

One thing though, it is just me or is it strange that in a bathroom with so much white (mirror, trim, sink, etc) that they would use an almond color switch plate? Honestly.

[image: This is Glamorous]

Thursday, January 14

2010 Calendars

I LOVE calendars....daily do lists. Anything that can make me feel productive (even through I am a procrastinator to the fullest). This year - I have already received some amazing calendars, but can't help wanting more.

Here is the rundown.

My friend Sandy from LA sent us this wonderful calendar of Odd Birds of LA. It is from the same letterpress studio that made the produce calendar I talked about here.

[found on Krank Press]

New office means new calendar. I have this calendar framed hanging on the wall by my desk.

I put in my order for the annual Cafe Poca Cosa calendar that my friend Bree makes for the staff with funny pics of all of us and the restaurant.
Anything from Paper Source is wonderful. Last year my mom gave me this hanging calendar. After each month there are patterns on the back of each month to cut out pretty folders, notecards, or patterns to make boxes out of the card stock that the calendar is on.

[found on Paper Source]

Love Calexico's use of Mexican calendars that they sell at their shows. Need to get a 2010 edition.
[found on Casa de Calexico]

Sign o' the Times

We visited Bisbee, AZ over New Years - and after looking through my pictures I saw I was drawn to hand-painted, stenciled, or storefront signs. Bisbee is such a creative and colorful town!