Friday, July 17

Condo Entry

Here is my entry. There are no left or right shots - it all fits in one. As you can see, the front door opens right into our living area. Essentially, the kitchen counter is just out of frame on the left side. The coat closet is the slatted door to the right of the front door. The dresser I got free off of a friend's porch. She was going to toss it since it had a "wonky" drawer. I fixed the drawer, painted it & put on new knobs from Home Depot. Easy peasy. One of these days we will get rid of the obnoxious speakers that have traveled with us from Tucson, to Savannah, to Telluride. They drive me crazy.

Nothing too notable on the wall beyond that everything hanging is of significance to Justin & I; there is a map of Colorado & Utah, a beautiful shot of Madison (who also would not get out of the shot - she really needed to go outside) taken by Justin's best friend & professional photographer Ryan Hirschberg, a ticket from the Red Sox's recent first world series win (I was in attendance), a copy of the "Tellurider" comic book, a photo of Justin as a kid, Madison's paw prints (mentioned in this post), and a rubbing of the sewer cover from the square we lived on in Savannah. I know I will have more storage when we get rid of the speakers, but beyond that - any tips/thoughts/suggestions on how to make this space work better? I wish I had more of an "entry" space!

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