Saturday, July 18

San Carlos House

Entry way to Suzana's house

I leave for San Carlos, Mexico tomorrow. I will take lots of pictures because there are so many amazing houses, art, buildings, and land.

Following are pictures from Suzana's house (the owner of Cafe Poca Cosa) where we stay in San Carlos. Her friend Betsy designed the house, and Suzana decorated it. It is one of the most beautiful homes I have ever been in.

Love you all! Will be back online by Thursday...have a wonderful week!

Pool. The lounge chairs are stone and are built in.
Amazing - this is the back of the house that you see from the ocean.

Kitchen, dining room, living room area.
Stairs going downstairs
Kitchen - love.


Sonchia said...

I hate you. Only b/c I am so super jealous.

CathyP said...

i have not commented here until now...because I am so jealous I am not sure what to do about it.

We have no vacation on the docket until January...2010(when we go to Jamaica! with Keith's side of the family). We have some weddings and I am determined to make the destinations more like vacations than just drunken debauchery...I gotta get on that.

Any suggestions for what to do in Philly?