Monday, November 30

Winter in Tucson

I woke up yesterday to rain on the skylights and a slight chill in the air.
Finally a winter-y feel in Tucson!

[found @ vol25]

Sunday, November 29


When do you put up your holiday decorations? The tradition in my family was on my dad's birthday (Dec. 8th) but I am thinking I will aim for sometime this week.

[photo found on marie claire maison - thank you to Claire for introducing me to this site!]

Saturday, November 28

Love this...

While in Boston I had the pleasure of staying with my friend "Scientist Susan" and her husband Murray. On their mantle is the art project above that Murray created for Susan based on her favorite poem. I totally dig this project - can you tell which poem?

Dig the Life Fantastic

You must go see Fantastic Mr. Fox. I was a big fan of the book as a kid, and was very impressed by the movie. The detail and craftsmanship put in to each scene, character, costume, etc. is amazing. I loved every minute of it.

Look! There is even a book about the making of the movie. Found here.

Learn more about the stop motion technique used the movie in the video below - I cannot get over their tiny perfect outfits!

Easy Centerpieces

This year, we had Thanksgiving at Erin and Andrew's at a long table set up outside (80 degrees out!). Erin asked me to do the here is what a little free time and a glue gun will get you!

Supplies needed:
1. Trader Joe's grocery bags
2. Card stock
3. Ribbon
4. Scissors
5. Glue Gun

I love the art on the Trader Joe's bag (also used them last year for my holiday cards). I cut out the fork and spoons and glued them to the card stock.
Next step was to glue ribbon on to the card stock to say - Eat...Drink...Be Merry.
I added the red cards to 1 large and 3 small flower arrangements of berries, daises and cactus.

Thursday, November 26


For You.

[image: LuckyBluebirdArt]

Wednesday, November 25


Stuffing - inside or out?
I am part of the outside camp.
My bird gets stuffed with tons of yummy stuff to add flavor
to the meat, but I like my stuffing cooked separately.

Opinions? Leave comments.

Need help with your own bird? Of course, Martha can help.

Tuesday, November 24

Recent Purchases

On Friday, the University has a special shopping day for staff/faculty with 25% (!!!) off all books and 40% off one item. I splurged and got a few of these beautifully designed Penguin Classics. Find information about the cover designer here.

I also made a trip to Michael's to do some shopping for the holidays. I am making my cards and needed to get a few things for the house (even though we don't do a tree). The Martha Stewart stuff is so perfect...I cannot get enough. Stamps were bought as well as this handy acrylic stamp mount so I can put phrases and letters together to make my design.

My Parents were awesome (and still are)...

[Nona and Paul in approx. 1969]

Sonchia just sent me this wonderful blog. Sure love the styles in the 1950's and 1960's. I have featured my parents amazing costume style here. Wish I was at their house to upload some old shots...but the one posted is pretty amazing from their hippy days.

Eddie Ross

Cathy - is this when you are going shopping with Eddie Ross?
Inquiring minds need to know - pronto.


So, I admit, I have been a terrible blogger lately. I have yet to update you all on my recent adventures back east...always the best intentions, but never enough time. Here is a little peak of what I have been up to recently though since we got back to town just last week. Well, besides cleaning house, washing endless amounts of laundry, oh yeah - and working. Looking forward to a couple of days off over Thanksgiving to catch up.

Bought the biggest bouquet of flowers at the grocery store last weekend.
HUGE & cheap. Amazing.
I have always loved this oatmeal can when I see it on trips to the grocery store,
so I broke down, bought the oatmeal & am currently using the can as a vase.
Maybe a little "country," but I dig it.

See - more flowers - on my nightstand.
I love waking up to fresh flowers when there is so much snow outside.
Remember this painting?

And in the bathroom.
There are also three other groupings around the house.
I will be so sad when they are all gone.

On Sunday I made three different kinds of soup. The house smelled yummy.

I put a lot of the soup in various glass jars to stick in the freezer.
No more "there is nothing to eat" excuses.

And, I wrapped lots of gifts. Baby gifts, birthday gifts, and various "thank you" gifts.
Just to note, Savannah Bee Company makes great honey - I had a case shipped to us. I am giving these as
thank you gifts to everyone who watched our dog while we were on vacation.
Also, after a visit to Paper Source in Boston (swoon) and thanks to the stamp pads Becca sent me, I am so into making my own cards for all of these various gifting projects.
I am still experimenting with stamping, but now wish I had a Paper Source closer!
Ignorance was bliss - I had no idea what I was missing!

I want...

How lovely are these? I am totally into carafes. I have one on my nightstand that I use on a daily basis. I dig these too - how great would it be to serve OJ for Sunday brunch in the large glass version?

[from: Rare Device]

Sad - But True

I would be married by now if I could get on Justin's insurance.
I know, totally unromantic.

[from: owlyshadowpuppets]

Friday, November 20

Get ready to drool....

Thank you Cindy for showing me this link of a wonderful studio in Austin...wishing we could all meet at the Stitch Lab this weekend for some sewing and craft fun!


Happy Friday.
I promise to post about my adventures this weekend - life has been super hectic following our return.

[from: theloveshop]

Currently Loving

Wallpaper. I know I have done a lot of "wallpaper wishing" on this blog, but until I can hang some somewhere, I will continue to post about how much I love wallpaper. I am currently loving Given Campbell wallpaper. Do you know they will even create a personalized version with your monogram. L-O-V-E.

Thursday, November 19

Dreaming about more store locations...

Can you tell I have recently uploaded photos I have taken around town?

Here are 2 more spots I love in Tucson. Not just to fantasize about opening our store, but also just as wonderful buildings in this wonderful town.

This one is for lease. Right across the street from the new(ish) location of Cafe Poca Cosa on Pennington (downtown). I think that with some love it could be amazing. It used to be a funeral home....spooky. I love the old sign and art deco style.

This is located close to us in Armory Park. I can see us working outside on projects! Cannot find information about it being for sale - and also cannot tell if it is currently occupied...

Did I Tell You...

I got to meet Jonathan Adler while in Boston at his Newbury store. He was really really nice & so excited to get recognized. I was too chicken to get a photo with him. He was "fluffing" his own store - don't you love it?

PS. I love these salt shakers.

Pop-Cycle Shop

I visited a this cute shop that opened on 4th Avenue in Tucson. I love the pony hanging above the entrance. A great place to get a unique gift! I haven't made any purchases yet - but hope to in the future.

I want...

This beautiful building - Coronado Hotel - is for sale in Tucson. Do you ladies remember it? Across the street from The Shanty. It is a great location on 4th Avenue right before the underpass. I hope that someone can buy it and put some love in to it, while not inconveniencing or pricing out the current tenants.

Sunday, November 15

I want...

Thank you to Amy for introducing me to the website ALL - POP. I pretty much want everything on it. I think this happy hour kit would be a fun gift idea for a holiday gift exchange.

Produce Calendar

[Southland Pruduce Calendar - Krank Press]

I finally visited this store in Tucson and bought a sweet produce calendar. It tells you what to plant (by seed or plant) each month as well as what is in season. The best part are the beautiful letterpress veggies and fruit each month. You can purchase your own here

Friday, November 13

She Blinded Me With Science

Here is where I am today. In meetings - all. day. long. I miss the beach already.
Have a great weekend & I promise to post some fun items about my adventures soon.

[image: Chemical Heritage Foundation]

Holiday Music - that is not horrible

We have all been in the stores that play nauseating Holiday music. Scott is already complaining about the Christmas songs playing at Trader Joe's. Well - if you want some beautiful music for the season, or anytime, I would get this box set from Sufjan Stevens. Love the artwork on the albums too!

Tuesday, November 10

2 BIG announcements....

ok make it 3.

1) I have not been avoiding everyone, I have just been swimming in the details of what is to follow......

2) Keith* got me tickets to NYC, and THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW...for our anniversary. You die? I die! I am really one of the only people I know who loves me some Martha, I can watch countless hours of reruns, read and re-read her magazine. It just doesn't end....and now I get to sit in her studio audience and see her in person and I am really crossing my fingers that I get a cool audience gift, and/or I get to hold one of her dogs during the taping. I also hope that there is a celebrity chef and we learn a glitter craft. We are going to do this next month!!!!

3) I am traveling for work next week...that's right, next week I will be able to send you an update or whatever from......wait for it.....Vietnam! So pumped. I am going to Vietnam, China and Hong Kong. I have never been to Vietnam...should be exciting, and from what I have heard very modern and lush. So I have been going from Consulate to Consulate getting all my travel documents in line..and waiting in a lot of lines.

SO...I have some posts this week to get out, including one on an engagement party I am throwing this weekend....also did you guys hear Met Home is now done-zo? What is happening to home and design mags? Sad songs....

*Yes, Keith is the best husband ever. No, he does not want to go with me to the show...but he is going...just to watch me "geek out"

Monday, November 9

Wedding Rings

Since Scott and I eloped, and I got a the family ring from my grandmother, we never officially bought each other wedding rings. Scott had a silver band he wore on his right hand that we moved to his left hand in the ceremony. Now I am feeling sort of sentimental and wanting us to get rings together. I will wear mine on my other hand, and he can wear his as his wedding band. I liked both of these from various Etsy emails. Thoughts?

[found on fabuluster]

[found on esdesigns]


I have posted here and here about my love of headbands. Erin sent me this tutorial link for how to make tons of super cute headbands. FUN!

Do-it-Yourself - Vintage Trunk Bar

[found at ReadyMade]

Thank you to my friend Michael of sharing this idea for a bar made out of a vintage trunk! So cute!

Thursday, November 5

So Sorry...

I know, I know - I have been so very bad about posting. I have about a million things "in the can" to post, but just have not had the time with traveling and such. I promise to get some posts up soon! Our trip has been simply amazing and I cannot wait to share some fun finds with you. Thanks for your patience...and keep an eye out for posts from my travels soon.

[image: davekellam]

Tuesday, November 3

New Mexico bound

Off to the land of blue skies and green chiles tomorrow. I will try and fit in some Sadie's salsa tasting for you ladies. xoxo

[photo taken by me - Fruit Basket on 4th in ABQ.]

Pet Christmas Card

Cathy - if we still lived together we could get this card to send out since it looks like Lady Creamsicle and Busy. :)

Card found on Etsy here.

Potting Room

Cathy - this made me think of you. Did you all see this post on Shelter? How nice would it be to have a potting room to work on flower arrangements? Ahhh.....

[image from Lonny Magazine]

Monday, November 2


I am so excited to check out this beautiful store in Tucson on 4th avenue. See their website here. Love the pictures of how they re-did the store space. See their etsy shop here.