Monday, February 27

I want...

Me likey. And want. Here.

Friday, February 24

Kitchen Love

I have always been a Neko Case fan - especially when she was hanging out and recording in Tucson.  

Check out her kitchen (complete with piano) in Country Living.

Watch and listen

Watch this show:

and listen to this CD:

Son's of Anarchy has many Black Keys songs in the show - seems to be a perfect fit.


Book and Blog

Just listened to this book (yes - audiobook) which I recommend.   Mindy Kaling has a funny high voice and when she is talking to you, you feel like she is a good friend telling stories.  It is a light and quick read (or listen).  

Also - check out her blog about stuff she likes - very cute!  


Officially and completely obsessed. I held off for a long time knowing this would happen.

Once I get a new charger for my laptop and can post again from home, watch out.

Pinterest is my new crack.

To do...

THIS is on the to do list. I just have to find myself some polymer clay. Not an easy feat in Telluride.
I am on the hunt...

Thursday, February 9

I want...

...this Arizona poster!

Check out some of the amazing detail here.

Wednesday, February 8

Valentines Crafts...

I don't really consider myself a crafty person. Honestly. I like good design, I like clean design. The DIYs I tackle are typically, well, I like to think they aren't too "crafty" in the bric-a-brac and gingham sense.

This time though, I may be coming extremely close. I wanted to send out some Valentines this year - nothing big, nothing time consuming, something simple. These cards may be bordering on cutesy though.

The supplies: stamp pad and blank cards. All just things I had.

Thumb down on the stamp pad (and proof I am in desperate need of a manicure).

Final product: thumb print hearts. Pretty darn "cute." Took all of two minutes honestly. Homemade and personal (which I like).

Seriously, the easiest project ever - if you are into this sort of thing.