Friday, May 28

Happy # 4-0 to my sweetie!

Scott's 40th birthday is today - so far so good - no freak outs yet.  As I have mentioned before, Scott is a clean freak, so today for his birthday he gets a cleaning team coming to work on the house. Next up we are checking in to Starr Pass for some relaxing by the lazy river/pool.  A few friends are meeting us at Starr Pass for happy hour to celebrate tonight.  Woo hoo!  
Happy birthday baby. 

Thursday, May 27

This weekend (early edition)...

This weekend is all about Mountainfilm. This film festival's annual event is this weekend - full of movies, parties, discussions, and general mayhem - it is always a great time. If you don't know, Mountainfilm's festival celebrates mostly documentary films that focus on the environment, cultures, travel, and adventure. There are amazing guest speakers & incredible filmmakers in town who spend their lives trying to make the world a better place. I will probably be off the radar until after the weekend - but while I am away, make sure to check out the Mountainfilm website and see all that is happening around here this weekend. I am really looking forward to seeing Sons of Perdition & Waste Land. I am also very excited to see two of our local filmmakers shine this year - check out their trailers below. See you all on the other side!

PS. I must give a shout-out to Justin as this is his event - good luck & you rock!

Wednesday, May 26

last night...

 Tasty Summer Salad + 
(panzenella salad - basil, flat leaf parsley, roma tomatoes, mozzarella, red onion, toasted baguette, salt, pepper, red wine vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice)
Yummy Belgian Beer +
Clear night and lovely moon view from the patio = perfection 

Tuesday, May 25

finally found it...

I spent this past weekend (during the day) getting organized, starting to out all the closets. At night I poured over all my old Domino's, and tears that I have saved for inspiration and "someday...." I just wasn't getting that jazzed about anything and I need to pick paint and whatnot for our new place.
Then I picked up Elle Decor. I LOVE the images above...all from Ellen Pompeo's house in LA. I have a new direction...Moroccan Tea Tables and Assorted Ikat we go!

I want to go to there...

Design*Sponge just posted one of their great city guides for Tucson. So many favorite haunts on this list. All time fave - The Arizona Inn. I wish I could live there I love it that much. Anything missing from this list? Wanting to pack my bags right now for a visit.

Monday, May 24

Bulldog fabric

We made a Phoenix Run to IKEA and H & M this weekend.  So fun, but did not get anything too exciting or worth reporting on.  There was super cute bulldog fabric at IKEA!  I thought of Busy.  Cathy - maybe you should stretch this fabric and hang on the wall of your new casa! 

If you need me...

Today, here is where you will find me. Home. In bed. Sick. It is like there is a vice squeezing my brains out. Luckily, I have some of my favorite things to help - a new book, TV remote for movies/trashy daytime television, Sprite (love these new cans!), and my favorite "head clearer" soup.
Here's to hoping for a quick turn around!

Friday, May 21


This weekend I want to be here...reading, drinking coffee, resting. No phone, no computer, no music (well, maybe some), and no getting out of my pjs. I want it to be cool & breezy. I want to eat toast in bed. Hope you have lovely, relaxing, quiet weekends to recharge. See you on the other side.

[via: House Beautiful]

Thursday, May 20

If only...

If only I had another house. Scratch that - houses. There are just too many wonderful items out there! Of course, while in the next town over (Ridgway, CO) for some work meeting with students, I just had to stop by one of my favorite "junk" stores. So many wonderful finds! Imagine how much trouble I would be in if I lived in a big city with multiple antique stores!

How great is this table? It would make for a perfect "island" in a funky kitchen. The bottom part is a lazy susan. Wouldn't it be fun with some round wicker baskets full of fancy waters, wines, and such? This is for sale for an insane price - so low I almost just got it anyway for some future house I may own. It needs a little TLC, but is actually in great condition. It is killing me that it is still sitting outside across the street from the coffee shop I am sitting in.

This is a super sweet desk. Again, another great deal. I could see this with a fresh fun coat of colorful paint & keep the glass knobs to use in a little girl's bedroom.

Another favorite find. How great are these colorful chairs? I could see these chairs around a big rustic wooden farm table in an industrial loft. Again, an absolutely mind boggling insane deal - all 6 chairs & the table (behind, not so great) all under $100. Dying here.

Casa de Debenport-Lewis!

Congrats to my sister Erin and brother-in-law Andrew - check out their gorgeous new house in Albuquerque!  YAY!  They flew to ABQ. last week and their offer was accepted!  
The big move happens in June. 

What does a $25 gift card get you?

I have a huge weakness for the University of AZ Bookstore.  I like to browse on my lunch break.  As an end of the year treat - I got a $25 gift card from the Advising Office.  Woo Hoo!  Yes, I could have purchased an actual book at the bookstore....but here is what I walked away with. 

(1) Sharpie pens.  My favorite.  (2) Papyrus thank-you card (3) Real Simple - I could not resist the title "Organize your life" (4) Two pink moleskin notepads ($12 for 2 but totally worth it).  So thin and simple!  Any lunch break purchases for you lately? 

Wednesday, May 19

Wedding Weekend - Miami Style

I did not keep my promise. I got lazy and did not take as many photos as I should have. So many great opportunities to catch the South Beach Art Deco style. Oh well. Here are a few shots of mine and the wedding photographer to help sum up the weekend.

Photo by me - top of the Townhouse Hotel with hipstamatic iPhone app
Photo by me. Love this bright red swing at the front of our hotel.
Photo by me.  Wonderful hotel signs on Collins Ave. in South Beach.
Photo by Roy Llera Photography.  So happy! 
Photo by Roy Llera Photography. So sweet.  Perfect Setting!
Pretty much sums up the party.  : ) Photo by Roy Llera Photography 


Today I want to be, drinking coffee, being European or something. I think this room needs a big rustic wooden table in the middle for kneading bread & serving wine.
Who wants to join?

[via: Design is Mine]

Tuesday, May 18

On the road again....

So. We are moving, again. ugh, blah…pssst….ewwwwww. BUT, we are moving into a GREAT new place. Can you say Laundry, Patio, Parking, 2 Loos? Can you say that I can already tell we are going to be able to finally “nest” in a place? Can you hear my storage unit screaming with excitement to be unloaded and spread out? I CAN!!!! I have projects galore shoved up in there!

I need some Fabric Inspiration....any good sites to share? I have been here, but they don't have everything in the store on-line, and vise versa. I would prefer not to have to go through the design center, but I could. I just prefer more instant gratification.

Here is what I need: Coffee Table, Dining Room Chairs, Floor Lamps, Headboard, OR a creative idea for a Headboard.

Do we like Lucite?

Do you like my new project?

Monday, May 17


I have been feeling so guilty for not posting more. Sorry. The sun finally arrived & I have been trying to soak it all in. I promise to get back on track with this here blog thing soon. Hope you all are getting out and enjoying a little vitamin D as well!

where i've been

I'll get a flikr account..this is getting sillly....XOX I'm back!

Thursday, May 13

Happy Anniversary!

Yep. Remember this? Our first blog post. I cannot believe it has been a year already. Thanks for all the fun. Looking forward to many more blog posts in the years to come. Woot Woot!

Wednesday, May 12

Miami Bound

We are off to Miami tomorrow.  
I promise lots of pictures.  
Cannot wait for the sun and fun!

Tuesday, May 11

The Last Picture Show

I do not know how I waited so long to see The Last Picture Show.  Set in a small town in west Texas, the cinematography is beautiful with dusty, desolate images of a changing town.  It is Cybil Shepard's first movie and Jeff Bridges is so cute and young. The music is mostly old Hank Williams tunes.  I highly recommend adding this to your Netflix.

Necklace Love

A few months ago my friend Saskia came to Tucson for the Gem and Mineral Show.  I was so impressed with Saskia's ability to find beautiful and unique beads.  With the upcoming wedding in Miami, I wanted to treat myself to a fun and colorful necklace by Saskia.  I talked to her about what beads I loved from her Gem Show purchases, and check out this AMAZING necklace she made for me!  I am so excited to wear it!  See her other lovely pieces on her website here

Thursday, May 6


In keeping with the music theme we have had happening around this here blog this week...have you guys ever visited Sleeveface? I think it is pretty funny & kind of awesome. We were hosting our bi-monthly radio show on KOTO (Telluride's only radio station) last night & I decided we should get in on a little "Sleeveface" action ourselves. Kind of goofy, not very "design relevant," but here you go.

We like to keep it classy around these parts.

Wednesday, May 5

Beaten To The Punch...

I literally pulled out some sheets of cork I had from a previous project just last night as I had an idea to make a pen cup covered in cork to post notes on at work. And look, on Design*Sponge this very morning is a post about this very project. I cannot believe they beat me to the punch here. Guess that is what I get for being too slow. Sigh.

Tuesday, May 4

Vertical Garden

My friend Amy recommended Scott and I do this in our garden/patio.Love!  Maybe a good summer project. 

Tucson in Stop-Motion

This was created by one of our graduating seniors.  Lots of my favorite places (and yours) are here including Old Main (my office location), Time Market (favorite hang out), and the 4th avenue underpass.  I like the soundtrack too!  

Cactus Bloom

I love when the cactus blooms -always a beautiful surprise!  A few photos of my neighbor's cactus taken this morning. 

Monday, May 3


After too many snowy days last week, the sun has finally made an appearance.
Sigh. My how I have missed you sunshine.

[image: caroline.royce]