Tuesday, May 18

On the road again....

So. We are moving, again. ugh, blah…pssst….ewwwwww. BUT, we are moving into a GREAT new place. Can you say Laundry, Patio, Parking, 2 Loos? Can you say that I can already tell we are going to be able to finally “nest” in a place? Can you hear my storage unit screaming with excitement to be unloaded and spread out? I CAN!!!! I have projects galore shoved up in there!

I need some Fabric Inspiration....any good sites to share? I have been here, but they don't have everything in the store on-line, and vise versa. I would prefer not to have to go through the design center, but I could. I just prefer more instant gratification.

Here is what I need: Coffee Table, Dining Room Chairs, Floor Lamps, Headboard, OR a creative idea for a Headboard.

Do we like Lucite?

Do you like my new project?


Lila said...

Well, this was my idea for a headboard: Wall paper the wall where the bed will be in the most glorious pattern. Then put a border of molding around it and paint the finished molding. It should roughly look like a rectangle. I think a square may be too high in height. Hope this helps!
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets

Sonchia said...

1. Such exciting news! Further details please. Location? Photos? Scoop us.

2. What about hitting up Britex? I popped in there the last time we were in SF a couple of years ago. Lots of great discounted fabrics. Worth checking out at least. I end up googling fabrics I like online & seeing who sells them for cheap vs. getting stuff wholesale (never retail - gasp!) from the designer directly. I can get stuff wholesale if you are dying for something "designer" and can't find it cheap somewhere else.

3. What are the fabrics in the photo here? I hate that I don't know off the top of my head. I think I have been working this "science" job too long.

4. Love lucite. Where are you thinking? I love it all. I just saw a post of a blog somewhere about great lucite offerings - see if I can't find it for you.

5. Love the idea of a project. I want to redo my own place, but it is much more fun to help someone else. Let us help!

So exciting. Me thinks that a new place means a new addition may be in the works. Wink. Love.

Sonchia said...

Of course...here...


CathyP said...

wallpaper on the wall..like that.We are in a rental though..so I would have to be able to remove it..

yeah....love that lucite trunk.

Those fabrics are from Calico Corners. They have some really beautiful stuff.

We are only moving 4 blocks from where we are now :)

Rebecca said...

Yay! Congrats on the move! You are going to have so much fun with new projects. 2 bathrooms? Patio? etc. Amazing!!! My sis made a headboard. I am sure you have seen it. Very easy. Again -Erin needs to guest post. Time to hit up some estate sales and find some good stuff! I get fabric on repro depot or Fabrics to go in Tucson. Yea Chicken!!!