Monday, May 24

Bulldog fabric

We made a Phoenix Run to IKEA and H & M this weekend.  So fun, but did not get anything too exciting or worth reporting on.  There was super cute bulldog fabric at IKEA!  I thought of Busy.  Cathy - maybe you should stretch this fabric and hang on the wall of your new casa! 


Sonchia said...

This is uh-mazing. Love.

CathyP said...

OMG...but the nipples are sort of strange, no?

SO...Busy had to have surgery on his knee yesterday. SO SAD...he had TPLO surgery, or basically they gave him a new and improved ACL. We haven't seen him yet, pick him up at 3. Keith and I were both a wreck yesterday waiting to hear it went ok.

Sonchia said...

Knock on wood, no surgeries for Madison ever. She has been such an easy peasy dog - whew. I too would be a total wreck.

Worst thing that has ever happened to Madison happened last weekend in Moab - a friends dog got all over Madison's shit. Labs are so food motivated that even a dog hanging out in the vicinity is a threat.!/photo.php?pid=3874441&id=562917297

Probably coulda used a stitch or two, but we are just letting the deep wound heal. It will make for a gnarly scar.

Lots of love from us Telluride people & dogs to Busy for a speedy recovery.

Rebecca said...

You are right the nipples are weird. Maybe get the fabric and just frame the face? It is quite large. :)

Thinking about you all! Hope everything is okay with Busy!