Tuesday, May 11

The Last Picture Show

I do not know how I waited so long to see The Last Picture Show.  Set in a small town in west Texas, the cinematography is beautiful with dusty, desolate images of a changing town.  It is Cybil Shepard's first movie and Jeff Bridges is so cute and young. The music is mostly old Hank Williams tunes.  I highly recommend adding this to your Netflix.


Sonchia said...

I literally JUST had a conversation with a scientist (who is in town for Pinhead) about this movie today. So weird. Double mentions in one day, I need to see this movie pronto!

growfamilygrow said...

Ooooo, a first viewing?!?! It has been years, but maybe a revisit is needed. I liked it the first time.

CathyP said...

i haven't seen this in forever..will watch again :)