Friday, May 27

For today...

Freshmen Orientations started yesterday.   They are fun but draining.  I have two sessions week from now until July.  Whew.  So  - here is the mantra for the busy times.  

Happy Friday friends.

Thursday, May 26

I hope so...

I do. I hope it is ok - ok that I haven't been posting a lot lately. It is not that I don't think about posting, it is just that I have been feeling under the weather and overwhelmed [with work]. So, hopefully this weekend will be full of lots of relaxation and regrouping. I won't be gone long, promise, just for maybe another day or so. Sorry for the lack of posts and hope it is ok that I have been gone.

[from: Secret Holiday]

Tuesday, May 24

Happy 43

Happy #43 wedding anniversary to my parents.  A few sweet photos.  The first picture is the day they were dropped (the day Paul gave Nona his fraternity pin).  The second is obviously the big wedding day (love my aunt Lucy as the bridesmaid in pink).  

Happy Day -- Nona and Paul!  

Friday, May 20

Trying to...

[Taken by the lovely Michelle - vote for it here]

Summer Shoe Love

Just picked up my new shoes handmade by my friend Charlie of Freesoles.  
Versatile.  Simple.  Changeable styles.  Love em. 

Wednesday, May 18

Here's The Thing...

I love this idea. Like love love love. I love maps. I love chalkboards. Together - simply fantastic. Here's the thing though - each of these maps are made to order with the state of your choice. While that is great and all - if I wanted one of Colorado, wouldn't it just be a big boring rectangle?

[from: shopdirtsa]

Tuesday, May 17

So Happy Together...

Happy [belated] Blog-iversary! Can you believe it? Two years - done. So much has happened since we started this little place for us to share our inspiration & ideas.
Can't wait to see where year three may take us.
Love you girls - so much. XO.

What is a Cherimoya?

My cute sister was in an adult spelling bee last night with an all food words theme.  We were convinced she would be a ringer - I mean, she is a linguist that loves to read foodie magazines/blogs/etc.  

She went out on - cherimoya

Friday, May 13

this makes me so happy...

This is so sweet. Saw it over on style/SWOON.

Yarn from duplo on Vimeo.

A Couple of Things...

Today...things I am loving. Like a lot.

Peonies...and in Paris no less. I want a big bouquet now.

So digging on this table. Mad over this.

This purse is swoon worthy.

Want. Badly.

This summer frock rocks.

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, May 10


Not only is this true & amazing...but the best part... that the typography is actually comprised of many tiny stars.

[from: I love typography]

Friday, May 6


This makes me happy today.

Happy Friday!

[via: Design Is Mine]

Thursday, May 5

Ole Today!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Things I am thinking about for today...

Now I am off to eat Chinese food. Seriously.

Welcome Colby!

Happy Cinco de Mayo baby to Cathy!  
Colby Stevenson Pettus arrived at 3:32am - 7lbs 7 ounces! 

 [found on Cafe Press]

Wednesday, May 4

TV Time

Do you have Netflix?  If so - 2 seasons of this show are streaming for free.  It is super funny - about a catering group composed of aspiring actors.  Watch it.  

Tuesday, May 3


Love these new cards from Bon (and printed at Bett's Printing).  

Hipster Dads

I am sure you saw this post on Cup of Joe about Dads are the Original Hipsters.  With evidence of the picture below - I would have to agree.  Here is my dad - Paul - I would say in 1972.