Thursday, March 31

Sole Sister

I want. So badly. Incredibly awesome.

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Whomp Whomp

Hi people. Well, sad to say this, but my MacBook is on the fritz. I am terribly depressed. And, since I live in the middle of nowhere, this means that getting it fixed is no simple task. So, until I do get it back up and running - I may be lagging behind in posting on this here blog. Sorry about that. I will do my best to keep up with posts from work during lunch and/or after hours.
Fingers crossed for a fast (and cheap) fix!

An Education

Have you seen An Education yet?  I just watched last night.  
Beautiful clothes and shots of Paris and London.     
Check out this pretty post on Design Sponge about this movie. 
If you have Netflix - you can stream the movie for FREE!

New (to me) blog love

Thank you Julie for sending me a link to this lovely blog post/house pics and saying you thought of the dreamwithinreach girls.  :) 

 [Andres Jacque home on House of Turquoise] - wow want to be in this house now. 

Wednesday, March 30


Today? Loving some spotted tags.

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Tuesday, March 29

Oh Deer (or Moose)...

The scene...a blustery, blizzardy Sunday morning. MCB is sick. Me - I decide the day is perfect for making soup and cleaning house, so I plan to stay inside that day. Morning coffee is made & I sit down to peruse some of my favorite blogs. A miserable MCB shuffles past me and stops to look at my computer screen. "What is THAT?" he exclaims, "That is awesome!" Inspiration is born. So, while I clean & cook, a sick young man embarks on his own personal Crafternoon project (with a little guidance). His latest obsession? Moose. Why? Well, I am not quite sure except it may have something to do with a high school job at Acrombie & Fitch (gah!). Below is the visual play by play to bring you all up to speed on the completed project.

The inspiration...a silhouetted deer.

Supplies are gathered. First up - a print out of a particularly goofy looking moose, but then again, aren't they all?

The diseased crafter gets down to business.

The printed out moose was traced onto butcher paper & then expertly cut out. MCB nearly lost a finger with all of the cutting involved. "Someone" needs to work on building up their crafting calluses if they want to run with the big dogs.

Final project completed. Moose (dubbed: Larry Wellington III) mounted on a map (of MCB hometown area of Steamboat Springs, CO). So inspired by his own work, the patient tackles additional silhouettes - three to be exact - of espresso makers for friends.

Crafternoon? A smashing success.

Design Love

I thought of both of you all when I saw this on Cindy's Pinterest -
Cathy and our days in high school Chemistry together.  If only we could have been doing design-y stuff instead of chem lab...  
Sonchia and your work in science education and love for all things involving art and design. 

 [found on Piccsy]

Friday, March 25


I am inspired to make something like this. It will obviously not be as cool, but I can try none the less. What song would you pick? Maybe for the babe's room?

These are all by Matthew Heller...

Thursday, March 24

I missed my true calling...

My dad is retiring soon - and when recently cleaning out his office he found these - I think I made them when I was about 7 or 8.  I truly missed my calling as an artist.  hee hee.  I must say - they both totally look like my dad - especially the yarn mustache one...

Absolutely Amazing....

Wow.  I truly do not know how to sum up the amazing house we visited last night.  This Rick Joy home - called the Desert Nomad is in Tucson (Northwest of our home) but makes you feel like you are in an amazing yoga retreat center far away.  Our friend is renting the place for the week and is considering buying it (recently went on the market - want it? - go here for the listing).  The home and property are so unique.   

Each pod was all windows (that automatically have shades come down when it gets too sunny) with the most amazing views.  We sat out by the fire pit and looked at the stars, city views, surrounding mountains and bats flying above.  I want to cook in the kitchen, sit outside in the sun, and enjoy this lovely spot. 


Yep. Winter. Or lack thereof. Whatever "this" is - I am over it.

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Wednesday, March 23

In the running?

Why oh why am I being so indecisive? Seriously. So, from my last post & FB comments - it seems like Chair #1 is the clear front runner. Then I come across this rocker. Sigh. I will never make a decision here it seems. Thoughts?

Thursday, March 17

Narrowing It Down...

Remember how I have to get rid of my existing chair? It has come down to these as replacement options - well, based primarily on what I can afford & what I think looks best for the price. I need help. Please. Opinions appreciated. Which one? Help!

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

A Touch of Green...

Something green & pretty for this St. Patrick's Day. I love these lamps. Two of my favorites: the color green & artichokes.

Tuesday, March 15

Just because...

This girl? Pretty darn happy. And this isn't the first delivery. Sorry to be cheesy, but they are always so simple & pretty I just have to gush. A little.

Thanks you.

Friday, March 11


My desk looks like this. I love, love, love having fresh flowers...particularly daffodils. So spring like. Makes me happy today. Hope things are lovely in your worlds.

PS. Sorry for the crappy phone photo - it was all I had today.

Thursday, March 10

Goodbye Old Friend

Bubba McWilliams

Wednesday, March 9

Let it ride...

Look. I am not a bike junkie. I have a crappy townie - which gets me where I need to go. I hang around with a lot of bike junkies though - ones who could spend days perusing bike websites drooling over this frame, or hub, or whatever. Me, I will stick to the graphics. Cause that "I get." Like this uh-mazing design on the front of a bike shop located in Austin, TX. I could care less about what is happening inside this shop - cause I just can't get past the awesomeness located on the outside. This shop logo is beyond clever. Boom. Unreal. Face melting. I know. Crazy right? I am usually so prep - and this is so edgy & urban. At least for me anyway.

Tuesday, March 8

Throw Me Something Mister...

Happy Fat Tuesday! Though it has been years since I have properly celebrated Mardi Gras, I must admit that it is this time of year when the Yat in me comes out the strongest. There are so many things to love about Mardi Gras - the parades, the marching bands, the flambeaux, and king cake. Yum. In celebration of all things Mardi Gras..."laissez les bon temps rouler!" And here's to hoping you find the baby in your piece of king cake!

I want....

...this house in San Francisco.   

Um. Wow.  Slightly out of my price range.....hee hee.

[see entire house here]

Sunday, March 6

Things That Make Me Happy...

I recently read a great article in a back issue of Real Simple all about taking time to appreciate things in your life. In a small side note caption in a much larger article, it mentions a woman who takes a week every year to capture the nitty-gritty of seven solid days of her life in order to celebrate the "everyday stuff." For some reason this resonated with me and I decided to take a week & photograph my favorite part of each day. It was a fun project...and helped me appreciate the little things that comprise a day and see them in new ways.
What things do you appreciate in your day?

Saturday: A snowy hike. My new favorite thing - this moss that grows on the trees that is the most amazing color of green. Apparently elk & deer snack on this throughout the winter for nutrients. It is by far my newest favorite discovery.

Sunday: Farm fresh eggs. Brown, white, blue. The colors are amazing & these eggs taste unreal.

Monday: Poetry. Read to me in bed. This particular book - a recent gift. I haven't read poetry since I had to in school for English class. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed poetry and I was surprised how much I actually remembered. Pick up a poetry book today - I promise you won't regret it.

Tuesday: Coffee. Well, this is an everyday favorite. Black. French Press. I cannot live without it.

Wednesday: A simple DIY. Seriously - it took mere minutes. A fun project. Sort of industrial bling. Dig.

Thursday: TAB Fashion Show. A huge annual event here in Telluride - all to benefit AIDS organizations doing great work around the world. The models are all locals who practice for months. The show is a huge production and is always a blast.

Friday: Gift wrapping. I don't know what I get a bigger kick out of...the wrapping or the gift inside. I love wrapping gifts - I always have such a great time. This gift...wrapped in newspaper with a grosgrain ribbon. The card...spray painted with chalkboard paint. Easy. Fun. Different.

I must admit - I had a little help in the photography department as I have come to realize that I am in desperate need of a new camera. So, this is a bonus photo - per request of my photographer. His favorite for the week - beer. Not only is this New Belgium beer his favorite, but he loves the graphic design and colors on the can.

To note: all photos treated by
Rollip to give that "weathered" look.

Friday, March 4

yes you are

Thursday, March 3


I am so making this. Like immediately. I love it so.

Easy. Awesome. Boom.

Tuesday, March 1

I want...

Anyone heading to Michaels anytime soon? Cause I need THESE - as in immediately (black preferably though). My brain is swimming with possibilities. Yessssss!

Let me know. Please and Thank You.