Thursday, January 6


Sigh. So, guess who is losing this chair in the breakup?
Yep. Me. I tried my best to fight for it, but in the end - I lost. Boo.

So, now the hunt begins for a replacement and here is where I need your help. What should I get? I want something cool with great lines. Vintage (or vintage like) would rock my world. I do not want to spend a couple hundred bucks on something that I am not willing to ever move with me (if I ever move). I also don't want to break the bank. I like to buy investment pieces though. So, any and all suggestions much appreciate here.

And, goodbye chair - how I picked that fabric just for you, for me, for my condo.
I am sad to have to say goodbye.


Matthew said...

I have a beanbag from college that should work well in that space. You could even pick fabric for it. No Big Deal. Yours for a twack of Key-Light.

Shall I load it up?

Sonchia said...

Wow Sparks. Just what I had in mind. Perfect solution. Thanks. (I am thinking furry leopard print)

Kirsten said...


CathyP said...

First of all Ewwwwwwwww. (that is in response to "loosing" the chair)

Have you looked on Urban? They have some fun prints...not sure of the quality?

Rebecca said...

Ugh. sorry girl. This chair is so you. Boo.

I would suggest CB2 - we have had great luck and cheap delivery. Or - maybe some thrifting, and then recover a chair in fabric of your choice?

Sonchia said...

Sigh. Thrifting is so very limited around here. I would love to find some jem to recover. Let me know if you people see anything out there in the big world. The hunt continues.

Sonchia said...

Ha. I mean gem. Not the 1980s cartoon. Obviously wrote that pre- coffee. Sigh. Monday.

smc said...

Jem, Jen is outrageous. Very lame you lost the chair. How did that even happen?