Monday, January 31

Night Time Crafting

I am trying to be better about "projects." As in, I have so very many in my mind to take on, but I just haven't been taking the time to see them through. Sigh.

Well, I finally did tackle one - an easy one - but I actually finished it, so there. After work last Thursday, I took about 10 minutes to give this project a whirl. I had the perfect place too - I needed something to replace the spot where an old engagement photo used to hang. I had some leftover chalkboard paint from another project and an extra clipboard. A little masking tape and voila! So very very easy.

Chalkboard spray paint, a clipboard, and a headlamp - a much needed "crafting supply" for projects in the dark.

I didn't take any "during" shots as they were boring & it was dark. So, here is the final project! Recognize the quote? I printed it out. I love that I can erase this and write fun new things on here. And, I can clip whatever I want. Sort of a mixed media type of chalkboard?

From this to its new home. Above the bookshelf. I want to change all of this around, but it works for the time being. Boom - 10 minutes (not including dry time) and one craft project down. Now what?

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Rebecca said...

Love it!! So cute. and 10 minutes? Damn!

Next craft project thoughts:
1.) something that is portable - what can you bring to meetings/happy hours/ etc.
2.) something practical
3.) baby gifts for baby pettus. :)