Thursday, January 20

This weekend....

I am super excited for the Nuevo Bazaar in Downtown Tucson this weekend!

  And yes, our Crafternoon Collective is debuting out talents as "Needle Exchange."

[logo by the talented Dennis Fesenmyer]

I have been busy making baby onsies and cards.  I have heard reports from fellow crafters that there are knitted cacti, baby blankets, purses, and lots more!!

I promise a full report after it is over!  Seriously, wishing I could just craft all day to prepare....


CathyP said...

Your photos were so great...can I get a onesie in every pattern please :)

For real, I would like to buy a onesie if you have any left? You let me know :)


Rebecca said...

Silly - you don't need to buy onsies...I can tell you that you will probably be getting a big basket of handmade onsies as a baby gift! That is why I was bugging you about name choice so I can embroider his name on a few. Don't worry - i will make lots of sizes 0-12 months - a range.