Wednesday, June 30

World Cup Frenzy...

OK - I must admit that I think that I am crazy for posting something about the World Cup. Have I watched? Only because I was forced (sorry Shannon). I honestly don't really care that much for soccer - well, beyond the hot guys of course. So, even though I am not a World Cup person, I must admit that the design of this World Cup Radial Bracket Poster is uh-mazing. There is nothing I don't love about this - the colors, the design, the concept. I dig it. So, if you are one of these crazy soccer superfans, consider ordering one of these lovelies for yourself.
Go USA! Oh wait, they are out, um, OK...Go Team!

Cabin Time

Each year for the 4th of July we make the trip to the Jemez mountains for some cabin time (crafting, horseshoes, cooking, scrabble, hiking, drinking in the river - all my favorite things).  My mom appropriately got us all these bumper stickers.

I leave town tomorrow.  Happy 4th!

A few pics from Jemez Springs 
@ a gas station - love this sign - it was also in an episode of Breaking Bad
our favorite bar (the only bar) in Jemez Springs 

New Mexico sky 
River sitting 

Tuesday, June 29

I want...

Better yet, I need. This bar. Actually, the whole place is simply amazing, but right now - just the bar will suffice. Check out more images of Thom's amazing lake house here.

Monday, June 28

bathroom redo

Our downstairs 1/2 bathroom needed some love.  When we moved in we painted it a deep gray color, which I love, but after that we did not pay much attention.  I was feeling inspired and added a few new touches to the bathroom to make it more colorful and fun.  It is difficult to take pics in such a small place, but here we go.


(Painted stripes and added poster - a gift from Sonchia found on madebygirl 
added Mexican tissue flower found at Borderlands)

(Love this framed paper from my Aunt Lucy and Day of the Dead bride - but just not the right space for it)

(Painted blue square on to the gray matte and added cutouts from a letterpress calendar found on Seesaw Designs)

(Added yellow towels from Target and a print by my Aunt Lucy)

Before and After (and still a work in progress)

Before......sad peachy hole of a living room....

After...we are bright! Still on the to-do list: Drapery, New Reading Lamp, Pillows.... It is feeling like home.

Friday, June 25

Happy Friday!

A fun video from Tilly and the Wall that played on Sesame Street.  We have seen Tilly and the Wall a few times - I love that they have a tap dancer instead of a drummer. An instant dance party!

Happy Friday! 

Read this...

Think Unhappy Hipsters is funny? Check out Catalog Living.

"Hi Nancy, it’s Elaine. I’m going to be a little late for lunch.
I can’t find my hat
or my back-up hat."

Farmer's Market Friday

Today's purchase...Sweet Peas. Now sitting in a beaker on my desk. Feels like summer - finally.

This weekend...

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl - for such a tiny town we get pretty wonderful music right here in Telluride. This weekend is Wine Fest. Yes - lovely - wine, but what I dig even more than the wine (gasp, could anything be better than wine?) is the great music the festival decided to bring into town this weekend. Rebecca introduced us to Blitzen Trapper last year & now I get to see them live right here in Telluride's Town Park. Wish you all could join me this weekend for wine & music. Check out the full line up of music here.

I want to see this...

Thursday, June 24


Please tell me you all frequent the amazing I Suwannee blog. I want to bathe in Jamie's store, Furbish. Very southern prep. I think you may need to being wear something Lilly to even enter the door. Anyway, if you don't virtually visit, do so now. As in immediately.

Tuesday, June 22


I want to be here. Swimming. Cocktail in hand. Wrapped in a big towel come dusk.
Who's with me?


I love beer.  I guess this was inevitable since my parents met at a bar...drinking beer. A cold beer during the hot Tucson summers is perfection. Wishing that we were all together enjoying a frosty beverage!  

Cheers to Beer!

Keep a beer journal!  From Scout Books

Open your beer with this. From CB2

Pour your beer in these cute mugs.  From Bread and Badger 

Place your beer on this.  From Red Bird Ink 

Keep your beers cold in here.  From La Fuente Imports 

Write a letter to your friends on this.  From Nowvember

And to read more about yummy beers - check out my friend Tiila's blog - FemALEist

Monday, June 21

Birthday Round-up

Such a wonderful 33rd birthday celebration! Scott treated me to a weekend in Bisbee, AZ and we stayed at an AMAZING house.  I am lame and took no pictures of it, but believe me - it was perfection.  The best part - a reading nook in the kitchen complete with a comfy little bed and windows all around to enjoy the view.  Sunday I celebrated with friends at Crafternoon and Sunday night I had a super fun dinner and date with my friend Rachel. 

A few birthday treat highlights:

A birthday beer at the Old Bisbee Brewery
Love this crocheted horseshoe from Rachel!  From tel*e*gram 
 Rock family made by the Reed family
I treated myself to a birthday dress.
Okay, so I tried on the bike dress, and it looked weird.  So I got this cute cactus dress instead.
  A lovely tea towel that my friend Mary Lynn embroidered!  Happy 33!

Sunday, June 20

Happy Blogger Birthday!

Big love to Rebecca. Happy Birthday. Wish we could be with you today!

Friday, June 18

This weekend...

All. Weekend. Long. Yep - Telluride Bluegrass. Patchwork skirts & noodle dancing. Check out the lineup here. If you need me, I will be in Town Park - sunburnt, full of beer & dumplings, dusty, and dancing a jig. See you all on the other side.

Tonight though - I will be rocking out to a special Mumford & Sons session at the Sheridan Opera House. Don't know them? You should.

Happy Friday!

A fun song and video to get you ready for the weekend! Thank you MK for sending to me!

Thursday, June 17

I want...

A mid-century modern house among the  This place is amazing. 

Check out the slideshow and read descriptions in the NYT. 

DIY: Silhouettes

Have you all seen the new West Elm Fall Preview yet? It features some pretty cool new items, like this new collection of framed silhouettes. Do I like? Yes. Do I think you need to spend $20-$80 for these pieces? No, sorry West Elm. This is an easy DIY. Think you can't? You can. Need help? Just ask. My muse of choice for DIY silhouettes? My dog, naturally.

See? If I can do it - you can too!

Today - Take Two...

Just one more, I swear. A bicycle dress? Yes please and thank you.


I cannot get this dress off my mind. On sale too. Hmmm....

Wednesday, June 16

Book Club...

I just bought this book solely because of the title (oh yes,  and the cover is cute).  It could be a good summer read/DWR book club choice...

Read excerpt here

Tuesday, June 15

Feel the Illinoise

A Chicago Song for Sonchia's trip: 

Artist: Sufjan Stevens
Song: Chicago

Monday, June 14

Geek Love

For all you geeks out are some summer recommendations! 

Watch this - Battlestar Galactica (the newer version). Amazing. Can't get enough. 

 Read This - Geek Love - Involves circus freaks - love it. 

Make this- from Fashion Geek by Diana Eng of Project Runway. Fun and nerdy projects with great how-to photos!

Thursday, June 10

I want...

My friend Lauren posted this pic on her blog.  I love this door knocker. My parents had one like this on our door in our Arkansas house...seems so classic and grown-up. :) 

Someday - I will have a door that needs a classic knocker. 

This weekend (early edition)...

Guess where I am off to tomorrow on a last minute excursion? Want to see some of what I will be up to - visit here. Reports to follow next week. Other tips? The comments section is currently accepting suggestions.

[image: Raf Ferreira]

Daydreaming: A New Kitchen

There are so very many things I would love to do to our condo - I know, I sound like a broken record complaining about it all of the time. It is just that we rent, so, we cannot really do much beyond trying to just make do. Every morning I visit Little Green Notebook as it is always chock full of wonderful design ideas. Today did not disappoint. Featured today is a run down of small kitchens - and all these images do is make me want to take a sledgehammer to my rental kitchen.

Just a sneak peak. Go see more loveliness here.

Sad songs....

To my best friend
My sister
My design inspiration,
dance partner,
shared brain twin.
I love you. 

Erin once sang me this song before she left town at karaoke.  Always makes me cry.