Tuesday, June 22


I love beer.  I guess this was inevitable since my parents met at a bar...drinking beer. A cold beer during the hot Tucson summers is perfection. Wishing that we were all together enjoying a frosty beverage!  

Cheers to Beer!

Keep a beer journal!  From Scout Books

Open your beer with this. From CB2

Pour your beer in these cute mugs.  From Bread and Badger 

Place your beer on this.  From Red Bird Ink 

Keep your beers cold in here.  From La Fuente Imports 

Write a letter to your friends on this.  From Nowvember

And to read more about yummy beers - check out my friend Tiila's blog - FemALEist


Sonchia said...

Thirsty already. Is it too early for a frosty cold one?

Rebecca said...

As Nona (my mom) says - it is happy hour somewhere...