Monday, June 21

Birthday Round-up

Such a wonderful 33rd birthday celebration! Scott treated me to a weekend in Bisbee, AZ and we stayed at an AMAZING house.  I am lame and took no pictures of it, but believe me - it was perfection.  The best part - a reading nook in the kitchen complete with a comfy little bed and windows all around to enjoy the view.  Sunday I celebrated with friends at Crafternoon and Sunday night I had a super fun dinner and date with my friend Rachel. 

A few birthday treat highlights:

A birthday beer at the Old Bisbee Brewery
Love this crocheted horseshoe from Rachel!  From tel*e*gram 
 Rock family made by the Reed family
I treated myself to a birthday dress.
Okay, so I tried on the bike dress, and it looked weird.  So I got this cute cactus dress instead.
  A lovely tea towel that my friend Mary Lynn embroidered!  Happy 33!

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Sonchia said...

YES! I love the cactus dress. Swoon. Happy Birthday pretty lady!