Friday, June 4

This weekend...

This weekend has all of the sudden opened up - I was to hang with one of my favorite pregnant ladies, but lo and behold, someone went into labor on their due date. Anyway, now I am trying to figure out what to do with my weekend. Two options that will most likely prevail are the Norwood Horse Races & the Telluride Balloon Festival. Both are fun & amazing events. It happens to be hot, hot, hot here as well (though it snowed less than two weeks ago) - so, maybe we will try to squeeze in some water action somewhere. Also, grilling, cleaning house, and general mayhem. Sigh - is it 5:00 PM yet? What are YOU up to this weekend?

[image: the amazing Ben Knight]

[image: willmac]

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Rebecca said...

Love the hot air balloon and Telluride mountains together! Sounds like an amazing weekend!! Tell us about it!