Monday, March 29

Oh Baby Baby!

This weekend, my girlfriend Sierra & I threw a baby shower for our friend (and midwife) Rebecca. It was such an amazing shower that I just had to share it all with you.
Sort of a "peek into my weekend" mini-version.

Rebecca & Matt (the dad-to-be) are wanting to be surprised by the baby's sex - so, we went all "gender neutral" for the theme.

We bought a bunch of onsies and fabric markers for guests to decorate personalized gifts. It turned out that there were a lot of kids at the party & they decorated the majority of shirts. It ended up being a great project to keep all of the kiddos busy.

Matt (dad-to-be) is an uh-mazing artist/woodworker. I found a set of alaphabet cards in which every letter related to some sort of tool. We hung the cards up around the house by string with clothespins. Super cute. Super personal.

One of Rebecca's midwifery clients makes handmades soaps. We ordered a bunch as gifts for the guests. They smelled so delicious and were wrapped in beautiful papers.

So, here is where I want to share some of the wonderful "activities" that occured during the party - all thanks to Sierra. Yes, we ate quiche, drank punch, and opened gifts - standard. We then passed around a tin full of beads. Each person took a bead. We then went around sharing our maternal linage (My name is Sonchia...daughter of Laura...who is daughter to Ann) and then we gave Rebecca a blessing. We each then strung our bead on a line to create a necklace that Rebecca can wear at the birth, during pregnancy, etc. Each bead represents a wish for her adventure into motherhood.
PS. Don't you just love my "model" Ryan? How cute is she?

My favorite image of the day. Another thing we did is that each of us tied a red string on our left wrists (tied on by the person sitting to our left). This is to show unity for Rebecca. Once we hear she has given birth - we "snap" off the string. A few of us (grandmas included) gave a belly rub with our strings for a photo op.

Such a lovely lovely afternoon. Thanks for letting me share.

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Rebecca said...

S - this looks like a perfect baby shower. Love how thoughtful everything was! Beautiful picture of the hands on her belly.
Have you seen "The Business of Being born?" I watched it last night so totally thinking a lot about midwifes/home births and all that good stuff.

The beaded necklace - so sweet.