Wednesday, March 31

Hippity Hoppity Easter's On Its Way

When I was a little girl at an all girls Catholic school in New Orleans, I remember being so proud to be the one selected from the entire school to lead the "All School Bunny Hop." I have absolutely no idea why the entire school participated in an all school bunny hop,
but it didn't matter to me - I was the one in charge.
I was also 7.
To this day, Easter holds a special place in my heart.
As I have a tendency to do...some Easter inspired items for you to enjoy.

Easter Card

Bunny Necklace

Bunny Wall Decal

Cast Iron Bunny

Bunny Studs

Vintage Easter Flash Cards

I think this is hilarious...a Bunny Hair Clip to give you "ears."

Go Bunny Go

Easter Gift Tag

In case your eggs get cold?

And the piece de resistance...Peep Flavored Lip Balm.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'll give the peep lip balm a miss, but hmmmmm maybe I can knit some egg cosies. You don't have egg cosies here? They are for keeping your eggs warm. I grew up with them. I think old British women do rather have a tendency to knit wooly sweaters for any old thing inanimate or not.

Rebecca said...

Peep flavored Love all these sweet bunny things. I love Easter treats - bunnies, chicks, eggs. My grandmother made me a pink easter dress one year with buttons shaped like bunnies. I cried when I outgrew it. I think I was 7 too...
Sonchia - hoping you lead the bunny hop somewhere this year too!