Wednesday, March 17

Welcome to Miami

I am super excited to go to Miami in May for my friend Helena's wedding.  I have never been - but can't wait to check out the Miami architecture, food, people, etc.

We will be staying @ this cute looking hotel in South Beach.

I have already mentally packed my bags.  Here is my everyday outfit wishlist: 

1. Old Navy Dress 2. Ray Ban Aviators 3. Tori Burch shoes

My big question is - what should I wear to the wedding?  It is evening attire.  Scott wants to wear a white suit.  Can a guy wear a white suit to a wedding (or can only the bride be in white)?


Sonchia said...

1. Love you are going to Miami - I cannot wait to see what inspires you.

2. I think the "bride in white only" rule may be outdated. I think a white suit would be very "South Beach."

3. Wear color! What about that J.Crew dress Cathy mentioned. The one she was going to get in blue? Very summery, but very cocktail too. Loves it!

Sonchia said...

PS. You need bottoms to that there everyday outfit missy. I know "anything goes" in Miami, but bottoms would be nice I am sure.

Rebecca said...

Yes yes - maybe with pants too or just over a bathing suit. I have some white linen pants that I can add if needed. My friend KC just told me she got cheap aviators at target! YAY!

Carmen A. Lindsay said...

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