Sunday, July 31

Happy Birthday Pony!

Happy Birthday Cathy! I would bring you a pony if I could....

Saturday, July 30

From the bathroom wall

You are exactly where you should be....

[Wisdom found on the wall of the bathroom at The Grill

Friday, July 29

Friday Faves

It is finally Friday - what a week! Hope you all are doing something wonderful with your weekends.
Get out there and enjoy yourselves!

If I had my druthers, I would be here - all. weekend. long.

Digging these scalloped shorts.

This minty fresh round-up is simply lovely.

I have posted this image before. A bathroom reno might finally be happening at the condo. Starting to pull together an inspiration file. Hex tiles and subway tiles are top of the list.

Not ready for fall just yet. But if I were - I would want everything J.Crew has in their fall lookbook.

And, MCB and I just started watching this. He is already addicted (I might be too).

Tuesday, July 26

A dog with a sweater....

...that is it.  Just a funny picture from our trip.  Saw this old car with the dog hood ornament with its own knitted sweater.  

Monday, July 25

Flower Power

I have said it before and I will say it again - nature is amazing. I mean, just look at this color palate. Seriously. While on a hike this weekend MCB & I ran into this wonderful plant/flower. I have no idea what it is, but it is like 2 feet tall with all of these amazing flowers all up and down. I had to stop, despite a pending downpour, to marvel at the colors - blues, creams, greens. This image cannot possibly do it justice.
Anyway, I know, random thought for the day but mother nature has one heck of an eye for colors.

Friday, July 22

It's Friday, Friday...

So, I know I said I haven't been inspired by much out in blogland lately. Well, maybe that was a bit harsh. Cause obviously, I have found some things here that I am digging. So get ready for some fun, fun, fun (I know, lame Rebecca Black reference) for your eyes.

Happy Friday!

Loving this antique brass roundup. Warm. Inviting. Classic.

I could eat here.

Everything about this kitchen is dreamy. Love Love Love.

Maps + Flowers? Sold.

This wants to be in my belly.

I know. Weird. I like it.

The pink walls might be a bit much for me, but everything else - awesome.

And quite possibly my most favorite thing as seen on the interwebs this week.

Tuesday, July 19

Map Love

(thank you for sending Michael!) 
Thought you all would like it too...

[Flamenco: Middle America by Ingrid Dabringer]


Sonch, last week you wrote that you aren't feeling so inspired lately...I am not either...all the blogs have the same images from the same magazines that I read. Since I am home all summer, I really wanted to get our house "finished," and I was looking forward to having a little time to use some inspiration from somewhere, so far, nada.

Then we got hit with this...POW! So the possibility of moving for the 5th time in 5 years is looming, and the fact that my home is on the Internet with messy sheets and a view of my baby's room is just flat out WRONG.

The bright side to all this is that I wake up to that little face above...even at 3 in the morning it is amazing! Also I have "finished" his there will be some better photos to share soon...take-that-lame-o-landlord!

Monday, July 18

Back to reality

A wonderful vacation.  Back to work today (but at a new job!).  
I loved this bumper sticker below. 

Friday, July 15

Right now...

I wish I could be here.

Happy Friday.

[MCB photo credit. Image from a camping trip we took to Moab, UT in April 2011]

Wednesday, July 13

Today's Mantra...

Not a terribly exciting image, but one that certainly defines most days.

On another note, though I have been finding a lot of inspiration about in the world (sigh, I really need to get photos off of MCB's camera), I have been finding little to re-post from the internet. Nothing seems to be really exciting me lately. Is it because I see the same things over and over on all of the blogs? Is it just that everything seems so "meh" out there?
Anyone else feeling this way?

OK - I promise, personal posts to come. Soon.

[via: Abbey Goes Design Scouting]

Thursday, July 7

I want...

To see this. Sigh. Lovely.

Friday, July 1

Things I Am Loving (Friday Edition)...

Loving this collection of doors.

I just want to sit and be still. Here would be lovely.
[from: A Cup of Jo]

I want a collection of Turkish Bath Towels. Badly.

Loving every single piece that sfgirlbybay is taking with her to Paris.
I wish I were cool enough to dress like a Parisian.

I so want this to be true.
[from: that's happy]

I need to spend time at this pool. Or any pool for that matter, but this one is pretty dreamy.

Ridiculously excited for the Tour de France to start this weekend. I am seriously obsessed.
[from: CrowBiz]

Happy Weekend. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, life has been busy. 2/3 of us Blog Girls are getting together this coming week - I am sure fun posts will follow. YAY!