Friday, July 22

It's Friday, Friday...

So, I know I said I haven't been inspired by much out in blogland lately. Well, maybe that was a bit harsh. Cause obviously, I have found some things here that I am digging. So get ready for some fun, fun, fun (I know, lame Rebecca Black reference) for your eyes.

Happy Friday!

Loving this antique brass roundup. Warm. Inviting. Classic.

I could eat here.

Everything about this kitchen is dreamy. Love Love Love.

Maps + Flowers? Sold.

This wants to be in my belly.

I know. Weird. I like it.

The pink walls might be a bit much for me, but everything else - awesome.

And quite possibly my most favorite thing as seen on the interwebs this week.


CathyP said...

Well I am a little biased....but gosh that baby is cute;) he loves to snuggle and nap on his mama! I will not complain about that ever. I am obsessed with smitten kitchen, every recipe i have tried has been stellar, I think I have similar taste buds to her....can't wait for her book!!!!!

Rebecca said...

Love it when you do a post with what you are loving these days. The picture of C - cannot get over how cute he is! The second picture down - want to spend the morning there reading the paper.