Friday, July 1

Things I Am Loving (Friday Edition)...

Loving this collection of doors.

I just want to sit and be still. Here would be lovely.
[from: A Cup of Jo]

I want a collection of Turkish Bath Towels. Badly.

Loving every single piece that sfgirlbybay is taking with her to Paris.
I wish I were cool enough to dress like a Parisian.

I so want this to be true.
[from: that's happy]

I need to spend time at this pool. Or any pool for that matter, but this one is pretty dreamy.

Ridiculously excited for the Tour de France to start this weekend. I am seriously obsessed.
[from: CrowBiz]

Happy Weekend. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, life has been busy. 2/3 of us Blog Girls are getting together this coming week - I am sure fun posts will follow. YAY!

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Rebecca said...

catching up on our bloggie after traveling. Love this post. makes me want to be back on vacation. Loved being at your house Sonchia - saw so many wonderful things and things you have talked about on the blog.

On another note - love the TDF poster here.