Wednesday, June 22

Pony Party

In a time that seems long ago - I used to go to the Kentucky Derby with college friends. 
I love horses, fancy hats and even mint juleps

Check out these gorgeous Derby invites. 

Summer Reading

Thank you to Scott for my awesome birthday gift - Yay Kindle!  This will be perfect for traveling and help with my obsessive book buying.  Yes, I will still prefer the actual paper version...but so far I am having fun downloading magazines and books - and excited not to haul around tons of reading materials on trips.

I plan to try out this "how-to" to make my own Kindle cover. 

Summer reading - any suggestions?  So far I downloaded - Winter's Bone, a subscription to the New Yorker, and the third book in the Hunger Games series.  What are you reading?

Monday, June 20

Yay! Birthday!

Rebecca: Hope you are having an amazing day celebrating YOU. Happy Birthday!!

[from: You Are My Fave]

Wednesday, June 15

I Like...

I like this today. That's it.

[from: formerinhabitants]

Tuesday, June 14

Arizona + Wine = Good

 Blood into Wine is about winemakers in Jerome, Arizona .  The twist - it focuses on the lead singer from Tool -  who made a big move from CA to AZ to pursue his new calling.  It is pretty good (and free on Netflix).  My favorite parts are the shots of Arizona.  The opening credits are lovely.  In the film - I could have sworn he said he had a wine called "Sonchia" - but I have failed to find it online.  

Friday, June 10

Likin' Lichen

Summer is finally here in the mountains! This girl couldn't be happier. So beyond sitting in the sunshine, riding my bike, and wearing flip flops - I have been hiking. As in lots. And I love that every time I hike, I am inspired. By the beautiful babbling brooks, the yellow-green budding aspen leaves, the warm glow of the sun setting on the mountains. And also lichen. I love me some lichen. Look at the colors! Isn't nature amazing? The variations of greens mixing with the lovely gray shade of the stone. The orange accent on other rocks. All of it - astounding. So, let your nature freak flag fly - what inspires you most when you are out there in the big wide world?

OK - my ode to mother nature is over. Soon - more "design" type of posts to come. New gallery wall hung in my house. Photos to come!

Thursday, June 2

These go together

This print ...

...with this song.

In love...

...with this video.  With letterpress.  With the process.