Friday, June 10

Likin' Lichen

Summer is finally here in the mountains! This girl couldn't be happier. So beyond sitting in the sunshine, riding my bike, and wearing flip flops - I have been hiking. As in lots. And I love that every time I hike, I am inspired. By the beautiful babbling brooks, the yellow-green budding aspen leaves, the warm glow of the sun setting on the mountains. And also lichen. I love me some lichen. Look at the colors! Isn't nature amazing? The variations of greens mixing with the lovely gray shade of the stone. The orange accent on other rocks. All of it - astounding. So, let your nature freak flag fly - what inspires you most when you are out there in the big wide world?

OK - my ode to mother nature is over. Soon - more "design" type of posts to come. New gallery wall hung in my house. Photos to come!

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Beautiful! And very design-y - I could see fabric inspiration, framing this pics, etc. Love the colors and texture.
Cannot wait to let my nature freak flag fly on our NM/CO trip soon!