Tuesday, June 14

Arizona + Wine = Good

 Blood into Wine is about winemakers in Jerome, Arizona .  The twist - it focuses on the lead singer from Tool -  who made a big move from CA to AZ to pursue his new calling.  It is pretty good (and free on Netflix).  My favorite parts are the shots of Arizona.  The opening credits are lovely.  In the film - I could have sworn he said he had a wine called "Sonchia" - but I have failed to find it online.  


Anonymous said...

Love this video, love, love, love.

Sonchia said...

Um. Amazing. I am so watching this.

A wine called "Sonchia?" Sold.

weheartcoconuts@gmail.com said...

Adam and I just went to Caduceus Tasting Room in Jerome! We stayed at the Connor Hotel, dog friendly and super old! We loved it!