Monday, August 31

I want...

You can personalize your own Sharpie pens here!

Thursday, August 27

Blitzen Trapper Video

I never watch music videos anymore. Remember when you used to have favorites on MTV? I came across this video for a song I have been loving. It is a magical video - take a break and watch.

Tuesday, August 25

Dunton Hot Spring

This place looks amazing - Sonchia have you been here? Dunton Hot Springs Link

Sunday, August 23

Pretty Wedding Cake

We went to a wedding Friday night for our friends Butch and Samantha - so nice and mellow in their backyard.

Check out their pretty wedding cake.

4th Avenue Underpass - Tucson, AZ

The old 4th Avenue underpass

For over two years the 4th Avenue underpass has been getting a makeover to help get ready for a modern street car (currently the trolley will be used - street car will go further and faster in the future). The underpass unites 4th Avenue and Downtown Tucson and feels like the center of places that we frequent. On Thursday evening there was a huge party for the opening of the underpass. Many photos to follow - it was a great night and I am very impressed with the underpass! A good night for Tucson.

Picture Guide: (1) Our bikes (2) Coronado Hotel Sign 4th Ave (3) View of downtown from 4th ave (4) Erin going through underpass (5) Rialto sign on Congress (6) Underpass (7) Tucson's birthday sign in The Tap Room (8) Golden Boots playing at Preen (9) The underpass (10) Scott going through the underpass (11) View from Congress (12) Trolley about to go through the underpass (13) Wall of Tucson Portrait Project (this website is so cool! Check it out - you can search people on the wall - for example search "Lincoln" and my friend Julie's cute kid will pop up).

Thursday, August 20

Hop on it.

Sonchia...some eye candy for you. You must buy this, and this... now.

1) I got the dark blue color. I am going to wear it with a skinny black patent belt and patent flats...then add leggings when it is cold.

2) This looks like the shirt I got this summer...but it with a skirt, tights and boots.

My name is Cathy, and I am addicted to all things J.Crew.

Tuesday, August 18

Walk in the Neighborhood

Photos from my walk from Tucson Yoga to my casa.

Monday, August 17


A super cute lunchbox link from Cindy! Wishing I would have had a lunchbox this cool when I was a kid. (From Swiss Miss Design Blog).

Wine Cellar

Thank you to my friend Dennis for sending this link for an amazing wine cellar. Love this design...and would love to have a wine cellar like this! (From Dornob Design Ideas Daily).

Sunday, August 16

Easy Like Sunday Morning

I love Sunday morning (before I freak out about the upcoming week). The New York Times and breakfast in bed = perfection.

Grocery Planning

Every Sunday I promise myself that I will plan out meals for the week and try to organize my shopping trips to Trader Joe's and other grocery stores/markets. My sister gave me
this planning worksheet where you can write out what you are eating each day and they write your grocery list. What do you do to keep organized and minimize the trips to the store?

Recovered Chair

Per Sonchia's request from a previous post - I am posting a few pics of a chair we recovered. My grandmother gave me the chair - I love the style - sits low and comfy to read in. The fabric was pretty, but did not really match the house (was a floral print with roses). I bought the fabric at Repro Depot Fabrics (love!). It was a marimekko on clearance. I got it covered at a local place in town (Tucson, AZ) called Chavez (on Campbell). I am very happy with the outcome.

Amazing Wedding Invitations

We got a beautiful wedding invite in the mail this weekend from our friends Claire and Jonathan. I love that it totally represents their style and where they live.

Saturday, August 15

Bulking Up

After years of finding half empty boxes of this and that in our cabinets, we decided to cut out expensive & unnecessary packaging. Justin & I have been collecting jars (such as these above) from Goodwill & IKEA. We are also now saving our glass jars from sauces & such too. We are trying our best to buy in bulk now - though that is hard to do here in Telluride. What we cannot buy in bulk, we at least transfer out of boxes. It is amazing how much more you use things when you can see you have them!

Do you all buy in bulk? If so, what are your favorite bulk items?


I know I should be ecstatic that Justin has decided that today we are "purging" unnecessary things from our house, but it is only making me feel overwhelmed. The chaos is maddening, but I know the end result will be worthwhile.

We typically only "purge" out of necessity as we have moved every few years of our relationship. Now that we have been in the same place for 4 years - too much "stuff" has just accumulated.

Do you all ever take the time to toss stuff out or do you wait until you move? And, who has more stuff - you or your spouse? I always thought I had less, but after 8 years of living together, I would say we are approaching equal amounts of stuff at this point. Yikes.

Friday, August 14

I want...

One of these in an "S." Why is money always an issue? Boo. From Albeit. Too cute & simple enough for daily wear.

Hi Chair!

WHEN I have a baby - this is the high chair I will have. No matter what. I refuse to have a big plastic clunker in the house. I know this sounds snotty, but my mind is made up.

This weekend...

Here is what I am up to tonight - if the weather holds. Don't you love the design of this invitation? The party is for Drew of this & this from previous posts. Wish you all were here to rock out with me...

Mad Men Style

In celebration of Mad Men's third season starting this Sunday, August 16th, I thought I would post about the great 60s styling on the show. I love (LOVE!) the sets on this show. So mod, so classic. Want to create your own "Mad Men" style? Check out what set decorator Amy Wells has to say about creating the iconic looks on this show. So fun!

Also - did you all know (I would guess you do) that Mad Men's "Salvator Romano" owns a home assessories store in New Orleans? Bryan Batt and partner Tom Cianfichi own Hazelnut on Magazine Street. Makes me dig the show even more!

PS. I love Don Draper. Just sayin.

Kitchen Counters

Becca - still looking to replace your kitchen counter tops? I found this article in Sunset Magazine and thought of you. Loads of eco-friendly counter top options here. Pretty cool.

Keeping Clean

Hey ladies. In the spirit of "cleaning up" our blog and getting a fresh new start, I thought I would throw up a new post about keeping clean. How do you all keep your home fresh & clean? I am a very lucky girl as Justin & I equally share in keeping our condo clean. A few years ago we both noticed that after cleaning the house we would feel terribly "icky" - not how you want to feel in a "clean" environment. I would get really sick actually. We decided to change out all of our cleaning products and "go green." A friend bought me this book, which has provided great tips on keeping clean "naturally." It doesn't make cleaning any easier, but I certainly enjoy the rewards of a well kept home more without getting sick each time. Any ideas you guys would share about keeping your places clean?

Thursday, August 13

Telluride's Freebox

So, here I am perusing one of my favorite blogs and low & behold there is a post about Telluride! Since it is such a small, remote town I often forget that people in the "real world" know about us here.
Anyway, the post on Apartment Therapy features our beloved Telluride Freebox. It is located just up the street from where my office is and I try to run by there as often as possible. While I haven't scored anything too noteworthy, I did find an old globe in there one day. It now resides in our messy little home office and I love it.

The worst was when I was recently at the dentist, the window of my examation room looked right out onto the Freebox. I watched as a man dropped off this really cool metal lawn chair that I was determined to grab. I sat in the chair as the technication poked & proded my gums and gave passerbys the old "stink eye" as they gave the chair the once over. After the appoitnment, I ran down there to grab the thing and it was gone! I was quite depressed.

The great debate in town is over the ongoing maintance about the Freebox. The town says it is messy, an eyesore, and is costing money to keep clean. Concerned citizens are fighting for its protection. What side would you fall on? Would you use a freebox?


I just bought these...I had a credit so I got them for $49 with shipping (score!)

I first made sure that Ikea sold a frame that would fit now I will have a wall of bugs in my house. I may save them for the day I have a powder room, or I think they would be awesome in a little boy's room....

Do you guys like this whole "curator" look?