Sunday, August 16

Grocery Planning

Every Sunday I promise myself that I will plan out meals for the week and try to organize my shopping trips to Trader Joe's and other grocery stores/markets. My sister gave me
this planning worksheet where you can write out what you are eating each day and they write your grocery list. What do you do to keep organized and minimize the trips to the store?

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Sonchia said...

I have been thinking about this post since you posted this - not sure how to respond. Living where we do - we don't really have the option to shop whenever we need something. So - we go up to Montrose (1.5 hr drive) once a month to do our grocery shopping. We keep a lot of basics on hand - rice, pasta, beans, etc. We buy organic meat to freeze. We try to buy fresh produce when we need it, but the selection at our little market is terrible and usually expensive/not fresh. SUCKS. In the summer we frequent the local farmers market for goodies.

The best thing we did was join a CSA this past winter. It forced me to try new things and new recipes b/c you had to use what you got. May try it again this winter when the farmers market is gone.

Living here makes us get creative with how we eat - so, I love the ideas you both share on this blog!