Thursday, August 13

Telluride's Freebox

So, here I am perusing one of my favorite blogs and low & behold there is a post about Telluride! Since it is such a small, remote town I often forget that people in the "real world" know about us here.
Anyway, the post on Apartment Therapy features our beloved Telluride Freebox. It is located just up the street from where my office is and I try to run by there as often as possible. While I haven't scored anything too noteworthy, I did find an old globe in there one day. It now resides in our messy little home office and I love it.

The worst was when I was recently at the dentist, the window of my examation room looked right out onto the Freebox. I watched as a man dropped off this really cool metal lawn chair that I was determined to grab. I sat in the chair as the technication poked & proded my gums and gave passerbys the old "stink eye" as they gave the chair the once over. After the appoitnment, I ran down there to grab the thing and it was gone! I was quite depressed.

The great debate in town is over the ongoing maintance about the Freebox. The town says it is messy, an eyesore, and is costing money to keep clean. Concerned citizens are fighting for its protection. What side would you fall on? Would you use a freebox?

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Becca said...

I love the idea of the freebox - in an idealistic kind of way. But I also see the side of who maintains it and that it can get messy. Overall - great idea, but someone would have to take some kind of ownership over it.