Sunday, August 23

4th Avenue Underpass - Tucson, AZ

The old 4th Avenue underpass

For over two years the 4th Avenue underpass has been getting a makeover to help get ready for a modern street car (currently the trolley will be used - street car will go further and faster in the future). The underpass unites 4th Avenue and Downtown Tucson and feels like the center of places that we frequent. On Thursday evening there was a huge party for the opening of the underpass. Many photos to follow - it was a great night and I am very impressed with the underpass! A good night for Tucson.

Picture Guide: (1) Our bikes (2) Coronado Hotel Sign 4th Ave (3) View of downtown from 4th ave (4) Erin going through underpass (5) Rialto sign on Congress (6) Underpass (7) Tucson's birthday sign in The Tap Room (8) Golden Boots playing at Preen (9) The underpass (10) Scott going through the underpass (11) View from Congress (12) Trolley about to go through the underpass (13) Wall of Tucson Portrait Project (this website is so cool! Check it out - you can search people on the wall - for example search "Lincoln" and my friend Julie's cute kid will pop up).


Sonchia said...

Becca - this is crazy - so modern! Does it still flood? Is it safe to use at night? I cannot wait to check it out in person.

Becca said...

No floods yet but it hasn't been open for a crazy monsoon yet. It feels totally safe at night and we ride our bikes through it. Love it!! Yeah Tucson!