Friday, August 14

Mad Men Style

In celebration of Mad Men's third season starting this Sunday, August 16th, I thought I would post about the great 60s styling on the show. I love (LOVE!) the sets on this show. So mod, so classic. Want to create your own "Mad Men" style? Check out what set decorator Amy Wells has to say about creating the iconic looks on this show. So fun!

Also - did you all know (I would guess you do) that Mad Men's "Salvator Romano" owns a home assessories store in New Orleans? Bryan Batt and partner Tom Cianfichi own Hazelnut on Magazine Street. Makes me dig the show even more!

PS. I love Don Draper. Just sayin.

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Becca said...

Mad Men - so excited for tonight! Love that Salvator has his own store. Everything about the show is beautiful...esp. Don Draper. Damn.