Saturday, August 15

Bulking Up

After years of finding half empty boxes of this and that in our cabinets, we decided to cut out expensive & unnecessary packaging. Justin & I have been collecting jars (such as these above) from Goodwill & IKEA. We are also now saving our glass jars from sauces & such too. We are trying our best to buy in bulk now - though that is hard to do here in Telluride. What we cannot buy in bulk, we at least transfer out of boxes. It is amazing how much more you use things when you can see you have them!

Do you all buy in bulk? If so, what are your favorite bulk items?


Becca said...

We had to transfer everything in to big jars because of some bug friends (gross!). We get rice, spices, nuts, in bulk - but mostly transfer out of boxes in to glass jars. I write what everything is on the top of the jars to help me find.

A Little Gnocchi said...

black beans bought in bulk, so much cheaper

back to lurking

CathyP said...

We have the same jars...Ikea and Thrift. We keep Brown Rice, Quinoa, Grits and Lentils. We don't keep pasta in the house as we are trying to minimize gluten in our diets (Keith doesn't know that...)

We have really limited space for food, so the jars are good for us and it keeps stuff fresh.

OH...we have one for coffee, too :)