Tuesday, January 31

I want...

I am thinking I need this. Which is weird as I am so not an animal print type of person.

Tuesday, January 24

The Shed. The Story.

Hi folks. Well, finally.
Here is the shed story.
This story was written by MCB for Shelter Magazine, a local home magazine. They came and took photos months ago and it was on the stands around town starting in December. Now, they have finally posted the story online for everyone to enjoy...yay!

Thursday, January 19

Planning on it...

[from: Ruggles Made]

Right Round Baby Right Round...

For Rebecca. Reminded me of you.

[from: Artistry Cards]

Monday, January 16

Hops Heaven

Wow - I have been a bad blogger.  Vacation, visitors in town, work...excuses, excuses.   

So, if you hang out with me and/or read this blog.  You know I love beer.  With a Colorado trip this past summer, and a recent trip to California all included breweries and beer tastings.  

So - the latest fantasy?  Opening a bottle shop here in Tucson.  A bottle shop would have hundreds of craft beers in bottles that you can open and enjoy at the shop.  I would also want wine available, a few specialty beers on tap, and big community table. 

We visited a store like this in San Diego called Bottlecraft.  LOVED IT.  There seem to be a bunch popping up all over such as Top Hops in NYC and the Louisville Beer Store

So what do you think?  Should I quit my day job and open a similar spot up in Tucson?  

Friday, January 13

Bad Blogger

Here it is the new year and I haven't posted in weeks. I thought 2012 might calm down, but it seems as busy as ever!

Resolutions are many and will be shared soon, but in the meantime - I make a resolution today to be a better blogger.

Until that happens, here is a little gift to you - a beautiful painting by Luli Sanchez. Everything she creates is amazing, check her out.

Happy 2012!