Monday, January 16

Hops Heaven

Wow - I have been a bad blogger.  Vacation, visitors in town, work...excuses, excuses.   

So, if you hang out with me and/or read this blog.  You know I love beer.  With a Colorado trip this past summer, and a recent trip to California all included breweries and beer tastings.  

So - the latest fantasy?  Opening a bottle shop here in Tucson.  A bottle shop would have hundreds of craft beers in bottles that you can open and enjoy at the shop.  I would also want wine available, a few specialty beers on tap, and big community table. 

We visited a store like this in San Diego called Bottlecraft.  LOVED IT.  There seem to be a bunch popping up all over such as Top Hops in NYC and the Louisville Beer Store

So what do you think?  Should I quit my day job and open a similar spot up in Tucson?